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Comment Re:Windows 10 isn't Out Yet (Score 1) 316 316

This will be the buggiest Windows release in history. The ASUS onboard sound for me is still all garbled. I feedback the issue release after release and on 10240 it is still crap. There are many more bugs still there. At this point I will just watch it go live and catch on fire. I duel boot with linux so I can sit in the frying pan with win10.

Comment But it doesn't stop the shock ? (Score 1) 93 93

From what I see this Liquidmetal is VERY good at transmitting shock and not absorbing it. So when you drop your phone it will send that shock back out of the metal to the screen and bouncing the device higher than normal so it can fall down again and again.

Comment Re:Hope and change (Score 1) 562 562

All the little government boys have had their fingers in the jar for a long time now, being naughty. They will not give that up easily and lying to the people is no problem anymore. We seem to have been conditioned to put up with it. Modern psychology at its best.

Comment Stupid people take a while to catch up is all (Score 1) 126 126

I have not listened to radio in years. I play music and podcast I enjoy when I what them. It is almost amusing to listen to them now in a store or a party and hear ads and idiot radio jocks.

Some of the radio shows I did like I only listen to the podcasts when I want. Hamish and Andy is one of them I will play for a laugh.

Comment Re:I'm amazed (Score 2) 169 169

Totally agree. With device storage going up and up. There is no point to having to run a data connection to the cloud to play music. Battery power alone makes the point.

The cloud makes sense for syncing but streaming is wasteful for things like music where you will play the same song many times.

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