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Comment Re:Real fight (Score 0) 179

What use is an "arbitrary file" on its own? Is your phone's precious built-in storage worth using more than an everyday flash drive?

Are you able to download MP3 files into another phone OS's storage and play it back with its native player? Do you actually do it?

For the last, have you read about iOS8 Extensions, which get you to the same endpoint without flinging copies of data around willy nilly?

Comment Re: A laptop with almost no ports?! (Score 1) 529

So, how's the pricing for 8GB/256GB model of the heavier XPS13? I'm guessing it'll be pretty close once you up the storage and RAM to match and screen resolution past FHD. And if you were referring to the Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550, it starts at the same price as the (new) MacBook.

Comment A few corrections (Score 1) 328

The SP3 is available with 8GB of RAM and the screen presents a better color gamut and higher resolution compared to the original Surface Pro. That's ignoring the newer-generation CPU, better battery life, less cramped screen, and noticeably lighter weight. But yeah, meh, since that's only how all computer lines evolve.

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