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Comment: A few corrections (Score 1) 328

by Kurrelgyre (#48702829) Attached to: Is the Tablet Market In Outright Collapse? Data Suggests Yes
The SP3 is available with 8GB of RAM and the screen presents a better color gamut and higher resolution compared to the original Surface Pro. That's ignoring the newer-generation CPU, better battery life, less cramped screen, and noticeably lighter weight. But yeah, meh, since that's only how all computer lines evolve.

Comment: Re:Google can't do right in some eyes (Score 1) 255

by Kurrelgyre (#41346927) Attached to: Google Pressured Acer/Alibaba Because of Android Compatibility Issues

Try playing with a Kindle Fire - Amazon completely skinned Amazon and made it incompatible with normal Android apps. I have tried putting many in through apks, most install but almost none work properly. Despite coming with a powerful dual core processor, the devices are terribly slow and laggy. The browser is awful compared to Chrome or Safari on mobile devices. They could have gone with a completely skinned version of compatible Android, with their own skin but retain compatibility with apps. Instead, we get different versions of Android apps for the Kindle Fire.

Which ones work improperly? The Fire *is* still Android, it just lacks Google, including its authentication layer. Apps may be tailored to the Fire because it has a non-smartphone screen resolution and lacks the newer APIs for addressing that automatically.

Comment: Re: Not a review of the RTM (Score 2) 504

by Kurrelgyre (#41091233) Attached to: Windows 7 Is the Next Windows XP
The author of the article was clearly using a prerelease version (hint: he installed it a month ago, the RTM went live one week ago). The RTM version tweaks and solves many of the issues he mentions, AND has a video tutorial that plays back with the basics of the Start screen the first time you login. Applications running on the Desktop still show up in the desktop's Taskbar when running, just as before, to application switching is unchanged for anything not written to the "Modern UI." Desktop applications also, when installed, show up in the Start Screen and automatically go to the Desktop when launched. Fact: Steam showed up there when I installed it. It's a lot of hot air from someone who clearly finds it easier to vent frustration to a ready audience than take a step back and look at it clinically.

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