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Comment Nobody cares (Score 1) 1448

Nothing to see here, except the movie, move along. I wish morons would quick bickering about someones past remarks, if everyone was under the spotlight, we would all be screwed. I have a feeling those who call out other peoples intolerances (but by doing so they ARE intolerant) in fact need to look inward, perhaps there lies the problem.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 1) 406

I agree with your other points, but this: If some troll (or anyone else I disagree with) This just makes me think you're as ignorant as the OP. Everyone should be able to say whatever they want. If people cannot "tune them out", "ignore them", or "have an intellectual conversation" to help this other person see the error of their ways, that is their own fault. And if the "argument" lacks any validity and is nonsense, good. At least it will be entertaining to read. Ultimately though, I would feel sad for them, that they cannot construct a decent conversation to express why it is the way they feel.

Comment Re:ok wait... (Score 1) 406

Agreed. This guy is a classic example of an ignorant human that believes their opinion should matter more than other humans. Not only that, he discriminates to the point of adding a name to people. I think he should just make it about color of the skin, just about the same kind of argument.

Comment You sir are a troll (Score 1) 406

How dare you try to limit my ability to use my free speech. Why not change change your message to say: N*ggers and Jews are the cancer Because the label you are attempting to put to a "people" is intolerance and discriminatory. And we're not tolerant of those who are intolerant.

Comment Question for you sir (Score 1) 1142

I never heard of you, but your quote of 'One of the truly bad effects of religion is that it teaches us that it is a virtue to be satisfied with not understanding.', is truly quite amazing! I guess the one question I have for you though, that out-ranks my other thoughts is this; Looking back through your entire life and career, what is the one hint of a thought that makes you truly believe there is no divine being "in charge" of all we see, or can you not truly say that because no matter how much you see you still have a hint of a doubt? Thank you sir, I wish you well!

Comment Too pricey, ya lost my sale (Score 1) 417

I was very gung-ho for the surface release... I was going to buy multiple RT's at the rumored 199$ price point, heck, even if they were 300, I would buy 2-3. But at the price they're being released at, I'm not going to buy any except maybe the Pro because I'm not sure if RT will stick, it will take support from Dev's. Also the Pro I'll be able to integrate and use my resources with, RT not so much. But more over, if the Pro is going to be 1k+$ I'll only buy 1, just because I would like to see Microsoft producing hardware.

Comment Linux will never be mainstream (Score 1) 591

Because the community as a whole can never have 1 goal. Everyone wants to do their own thing, and that will be their legacy. I've talked to numerous linux users who talk down about Microshaft, but ya know why I use Windows? Because a lot of people came together on one goal, Windows. If Linux would produce and keep maintaining advances on 1 single OS distro, then yes, I would consider it, but it would be a requirement that it had something comparable to Direct X. But until the community comes together, the products will always be half-ass.

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