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+ - China to launch an inter-city quantum communication network in 2016->

Submitted by Kumiorava
Kumiorava (95318) writes ""China will complete and put into service the world's longest quantum communication network stretching 2,000km from Beijing to Shanghai by 2016, say scientists leading the project." — South China Morning Post write.

The rate of innovation in China is amazing and it is obvious that China is no longer just a world's manufacturer or copier of the innovations. I'm looking forward to the race in innovation that is soon needed for US and Europe to keep up with Chinese. Most impressing thing about Chinese innovation is that they do implement the innovations in a pace that is unheard of in western countries."

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Comment: Re:Was pretty obvious (Score 1) 284

by Kumiorava (#48265083) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

I understand that there is great concern in immigrants arriving to work in US, but I don't think closing off the borders is solution. You can ask yourself two questions:

1. If you wanted to go and someone was willing to hire you abroad, should you be able to work in an another country?
2. If a person from another county wanted to come and someone was willing to hire that person in US, should he/she be able to work in US?

The whole thing boils down to this, freedom of being employed anywhere in the world. It does sound crazy but we are no longer living in closed societies, at least I do hope that is the case. If H1B visa program is shut down, there are virtually no legal paths to US job market for foreigners.

There needs to be two changes to the work visa rules:

1. H1B worker is able to seek another job during his/her visa duration, as long as the job is similar or better than his current job. Currently not allowed.
2. Is laid off the period for seeking new employment is 6 months before needing to leave. Currently it is 7 days.

Those two changes would make foreign workers able to raise their salaries and leave abusive employers. This would bring healthier work environment for everyone and increases in salary across foreign and domestic workers.

Comment: Re:Bose is overpriced crap and always has been (Score 2) 328

Also I forgot to mention that Apple SSD PCIe drives perform about twice as fast as your average SSD on SATA port... which does not come cheap as well. Together with double capacity you are looking at performance that even money cannot buy for this particular Lenovo machine. Higher-end Lenovo's can easily match that, but it comes with a price.

Comment: Re:Bose is overpriced crap and always has been (Score 2) 328

We can always go and compare a gaming rig to a proper business laptop, but that just doesn't make sense. There are few important things missing from the configuration from Lenovo. First is the IPS panel, you are able to get 4K TFT monitor for far less than retina resolution IPS panel. Second major issue is that Apple comes with proper 8h battery life while Lenovo will run out around 4h. Third is professional Windows license, which OS X certainly compares to.

If you try to get true Lenovo mobile workstation then the $2500 starts to be a bargain. There are valid reasons why you are able to get the machine you linked in that particular price and Lenovo mobile workstations with lesser specifications for far higher price.

Comment: It's still streaming (Score 1) 323

It doesn't matter to the original story whether someone uses Netflix or combination of streaming services, it's still streaming. Both of you are happy with your selection. I'm happy with mine, I use Netflix and Apple TV. So based on this empirical study of 3 people we can say that 3 out of 3 are happy with movie streaming. The author of the article has failed.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 218

by Kumiorava (#46133911) Attached to: FCC Wants To Trial Shift From Analog Phone Networks To Digital

I think cell phone with 99.9% reliability that is always in your pocket is much better 100% reliability at your office desk. Out in the countryside 100% reliability for land line is not possible. Especially when there is a strong storms, lightning storms or any major event, which happens at least once a year. For example when lightning strikes inside home via phone line blowing the phone in pieces. When that happens and has happened I much rather use my cell phone to call fire department or ambulance. I also prefer cell phone when storms that make woods fall on phone lines and electric lines.

Finnish operators have had already been able to remove physical wires for a long time now. The requirement is to provide 3G service to those homes that lost the wired connection. That has made country side much safer as the cell phone coverage got much better and cell phones work in times when phone lines are down. Cell phone towers usually work during power outage too.

Comment: Re:Capitalism Democracy? (Score 2) 204

by Kumiorava (#45690775) Attached to: Investor Lawsuit Blames NSA For $12B Loss In IBM Value

I don't think the problem here is that IBM worked with the NSA. Problem is that as a shareholder IBM should have said something more about it and keep shareholders informed about the risks towards the share price. At minimum IBM should have stated it is working closely with US government organisations in electronic surveillance programs, which may cause loss of business if political environment changes.

Comment: Re: Really? (Score 1) 767

by Kumiorava (#45161525) Attached to: Shutdown Cost the US Economy $24 Billion

If the assumption is that treatments covered by obamacare are useless or not needed then cost will be huge. If we assume the treatments are justified and needed then obamacare just redistributes the cost among every American. Additionally obamacare maybe helps with overall health of the nation and that is a huge cost saver.

Comment: Re: Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

by Kumiorava (#45124539) Attached to: Nokia Design Guru Urges Apple To End Cable Chaos

That's a strange claim as both of the connectors work as USB style data/charging primarly and need heavy processing on the cable to produce any kind of video output. MicroUSB has exactly same features, it also transfers data and charge device. There might be some proprietary protocols that are unique to the lightning connector, but I doubt they are going to be widely used. However I like the hardware design of the lightning connector and hope next USB connector standard will be similar.

Comment: Re:Screwy rule (Score 1) 100

by Kumiorava (#44968421) Attached to: Steve Jobs Video Kills Apple Patent In Germany

Problem is that you can have two persons working on a same thing where one does public presentation and does not want to patent the invention. Second one can then after this fact file patent for the invention and sue the former even if the invention was actually done first by the one who didn't want to file a patent for it. For open source and open ideas it's better to have a system where inventions can be made un-patentable without expensive legal process so I prefer the European system.

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