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Comment: Re:This is perfectly fine (Score 1) 74

by Kulfaangaren! (#37874828) Attached to: RIM Helps Indian Authorities Access BlackBerry Messages
"Nobody in the US government would ever consider misusing this surveillance capability. As we all know, US government workers do not take bribes, the rich and powerful only have the same rights as anybody else, and the US government has a long history of the utmost integrity. There is no reason for anyone using BlackBerry who is concerned about their privacy to switch to another provider."

There, fixed it for you.

Comment: Companies and dictatorships (Score 1) 112

by Kulfaangaren! (#37275564) Attached to: European Firms Assisted Gaddafi's Internet Monitoring Regime
I can't understand why everyone gets so upset about the fact that companies does business with dictatorships. It is not a companies place to dictate foreign policy, that is why we have politicians (they do precious little anyways so why make their burden even lighter ?). An embargo against a country should be enforced on a national level, by a nation or group of nations, not by a sales rep at Toy's 'R Us or Nokia. If they can refuse to do business with Gaddafi's regime that opens the flood gates to all kinds of discrimination, what is next ? If companies should be required to stop doing business with Gaddafi or maybe Syria, why should they be allowed to continue trade on the Chinese market? Also an oppressive and military backed dictatorship.

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