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Comment: Re:KDE 4 + Amaraok 2 were terrible ideas. (Score 1) 99

by KugelKurt (#44628453) Attached to: Amarok 2.8 "Return To the Origin" Released

Amarok never recovered after 2.0.

If Amarok was so bad, why is it so popular?
According to it has a rating of 4.5/5.0 and "High Activity" with 56 current contributors (400 overall; not even counting translations as they are in another repo (SVN not git)). That's a lot for only a music player.

Comment: Re: I use CentOS for those unless I have no choice (Score 1) 92

by KugelKurt (#44569737) Attached to: Fedora Core May Be Reborn

If Fedora "isn't stable enough for anything other then the desktop" then it's not stable enough for the desktop, either. I don't want free reboots on my desktop box while I'm trying to use it.

From my experience Fedora is about as stable as most Ubuntu releases with the distinct difference that Fedora actually gets updated throughout it life time.

Comment: Re:Yup Gnome 3 sucks (Score 1) 376

by KugelKurt (#44375147) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?

Gnome had the right idea (merging tablet and desktop interfaces)

That's not the right idea. The right idea is to create a set of building blocks that can easily be assembled into very different UI paradigms without compromising the others. KDE's Plasma framework has already been used to create desktop, netbook, tablet, and mediacenter shells.

Comment: Re:I just started working on gnome (Score 1) 376

by KugelKurt (#44375059) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?

I just became the maintainer of a small games project in gnome and I have to say, the lack of (wo)manpower really shows.

Even tough I share the criticism here about GTK, your example does not really mean a lot. In many big FOSS projects small subprojects are driven by maybe just a single developer. It's exactly the same in striving projects like KDE which also has fringe subprojects like some games or screensavers. Heck, recently even two Calligra apps lost their maintainer and nobody could step in.

Comment: Re:They shot themselves in the foot (Score 1) 376

by KugelKurt (#44374981) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?

The KDE philosophy may be fine IF you can throw more or less unlimited resources on it

"Will Stephenson from openSUSE giving a talk on how to make a more lightweight #KDE at #akademy2013 . KLyDE (the optimized version) has a memory footprint of only 119 MB!"

Btw, funny how you attempt to prove "KDE philosophy" the Extragear application Digikam that is not even part of mainline KDE.

Comment: Re:They shot themselves in the foot (Score 1) 376

by KugelKurt (#44374899) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?

It was an imminently practical response.

No. The GNU project had proper UI frameworks for years before KDE existed: Gnustep. However it had practically no support from any GNU member. It took KDE to enter the scene and the GNUs suddenly ran wildly around like headless chicken. So instead of deciding to use a proper frameworks set (Gnustep) they chose to chop an image editor apart and rip out its toolkit that was never designed to be a general purpose one.

Comment: Re:Vivaldi is no KDE project (Score 1) 33

by KugelKurt (#44364971) Attached to: EOMA-68 Based KDE Vivaldi Tablet Engineering Boards Ship

They suck at it? Why? I've been following Vivaldi project since the beginning, and the project management seems nothing but excellent.

Excellent at producing vaporware. They announced the tablet (then called "Spark") 1.5 years ago and nothing ever shipped to consumers.
Considering that Plasma Active runs on off-the-shelf hardware, their project management is hardly good....

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