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Comment: A long list of fail (Score 1) 423

by Kubla Kahhhn! (#46416071) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

Radioshack is the place where grandma goes when her landline phone stops working.

There is not one single USB 3 device in Radio Shack: neither cables nor flash drives nor anything USB3.

The staff doesn't understand half of what they have in the back, where nerds go for an obscure item for a project.

They will try to sell you an extended warranty on a 5-dollar audio cable.

The coffin has a lot more nails, but I think four is enough to point out.

+ - Google Donates $6.8M to Give San Francisco Kids Free Bus Rides->

Submitted by Kubla Kahhhn!
Kubla Kahhhn! (3042441) writes "I instantly recalled the previous discussion on Slashdot when San Francisco protesters were blocking Google and other tech firm buses, to protest the effect the affluent are allegedly having on skyrocketing living expenses:

Whatever your opinion on that event, it would seem that the protests were therefore a success."

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Comment: It's rare that I'm on the opposite side of... (Score 1) 430

by Kubla Kahhhn! (#46129195) Attached to: Kansas To Nix Expansion of Google Fiber and Municipal Broadband
my fellow atheists, but this seems to be the case! I realize most of the comments aren't 100% serious, poking fun at the Bible belt. But Google Fiber can't even launch in many secular places like San Francisco, for the same reasons we see a move to stop Google Fiber from expanding there. This is all about the telecom/broadband providers trying to stifle a radically cheaper product than what the competition offers or wants to offer. And Google totally kills their bundle model with this offering.

Comment: I liken Nintendo, Sony, and XBOX to TV Networks (Score 1) 559

by Kubla Kahhhn! (#46037487) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?
It's like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Right now NBC is fail, and in the past it's been CBS and ABC. So right now, Wii U is sucking in sales. In the previous generation of consoles, it was PS3. Nintendo has been the loser and the winner in previous console wars, and their handheld business remains strong. They might slog along through this round, but they'll be back on top again, and one of the other big names will be the laughing stock.

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