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User Journal

Journal: Get off my Lawn! 6

Journal by KshGoddess

I feel old, guys. I feel like the old man sysadmin with the Unix Beard and suspenders (which I continually think of as a halloween costume, less and less ironically). My coworkers are all... what would have been slashdotters had they not found digg or reddit, or whatever it was.

Comment: Re:or... (Score 1) 482

by KshGoddess (#36544854) Attached to: There Oughta Be a Standard: Laptop Power Supplies

Or you could, you know, not put your power cable in an area that people walk through...

One of my first jobs would have been way easier if someone had invented the magsafe connector. The company I worked for had laptops on carts for the nurses to be able to chart meds and other things automagically next to the patient bed. (Scan patient, scan drugs, give patient drugs, record updated with what, how much, and when.) We had ~10-12 instances of electricians being called to remove one prong of the plug from the wall socket because the nurses just walked off with the cart without unplugging the laptop first. This was in the mid-to-late 90s, and replacement plugs from toshiba were expensive. Like $75/ea.

Comment: Re:A ploy that *sometimes* works (Score 1) 145

by KshGoddess (#36406332) Attached to: Percent of my work life spent in meetings:

It doesn't even have to technically be a meeting ... you're blocking out periods that you have to get work done, and most jobs have tasks that need some stretches of uninterrupted time to get them done.
My boss would go for it ...

My boss has recommended such things. And one of the directors in the company blocks out noon-1pm every day so no one schedules him a day full of meetings with no lunch.

Most of my meetings are recurring meetings. I have 2/week with our vendor, 1/week with my boss and the rest of his team, one maintenance review a week, and generally that's it -- unless there's preplanning meetings for maintenances that I have to be part of, or we start on a new project (in which case, there's usually a 1 hour/week call)

Comment: Re:Certifications don't impress... (Score 1) 444

by KshGoddess (#36298582) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Certifications To Get?

HR doesn't just make shit up - they use reqs written by the development teams that need the heads.

I had to write my own job description for the job I do, in part because no one else knows what the hell it is I do. My boss included. But we had to sit down and write a job description because HR required one for performance evals, etc. It's as full of crap as anything, but it does actually encompass what it is I do here, Bob.

0 degrees, 0 certifications. 15 years in the industry.

I've known paper cert people, and people who know their crap who were required to get certs. I've known paper degree people, and people who know their crap who also happen to have degrees. Competence trumps letters after your name.

Comment: Re:Obligatory (Score 5, Interesting) 300

by KshGoddess (#35283072) Attached to: Verizon Drops 10,000 911 Calls During Blizzard
911 is a tricksy beast, and when you combine RF issues, like rain fade (snow fade - which is less, but still noticeable) and location services (which tell the carrier WHICH 911 center to route the call to) ... 10k dropped 911 calls out of ... how many total placed calls? How was this data collected? Was there a record of 10,000 dropped calls that actually connected to 911? Is this from a log from their switches covering that area? How did their competitors fare? So much is so vague about this article, that it makes my head spin.

Comment: Re:Happy Birthday! (Score 1) 12

by KshGoddess (#33859512) Attached to: I still can't believe I'm this old.
Considering right now I'm looking forward to getting to the "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" lesson... yeah, it seems a bit daunting, but we got a new mac mini, and I found out a couple days before that that garageband had guitar lessons. I figured anything that helps me keep thinking about the guitar can't be bad.

Comment: Re:Hi (Score 1) 12

by KshGoddess (#33840262) Attached to: I still can't believe I'm this old.

no, no, the land we still have. We're headed that way this afternoon after work. There just aren't buildings there yet.

just the house we used to have, we don't anymore.

Oooh, that sounds like fun. Who/what is in colorado for quilting? I know Schact is here for spinners and weavers...

Not only do my cow-orkers not know their unix history, they think I'm way old-school for having any experience on something that's not x86.

Comment: Re:Happy Birthday! (Score 1) 12

by KshGoddess (#33840204) Attached to: I still can't believe I'm this old.

Yeah, that's the biggest fear, but my job is more or less something that will be there until either the company goes under or I get tired of dealing with it.

The guitar's actually a 6 string acoustic-electric. It's a Yamaha APX-500 Steel strings, kind of a narrower body. In the 'red' flame maple finish they show in the photo. It's a veneered guitar, which tend to survive better at this altitude and humidity. I'm taking lessons at the music store down the road from work, and enjoying it. I played with my teacher for the first time this week, and it was my first time playing "with" someone else. That was kinda neat. (made my Alouette sound not so bad)

Comment: Re:Happy Birthday! (Score 1) 12

by KshGoddess (#33800912) Attached to: I still can't believe I'm this old.

we've been broke and we've been homeless (short sale, not a forclosure, if that matters) and jobless. I've had a crap job since january, and a decent job since july. I know the cause, and I know some of how to fix myself. I've just not had the luxury of not being so worried about having a roof over my head and food in my belly to actually engage my coping mechanisms. Now I have some stability, and things are getting better.

as a side effect, my brain's less foggy, which is a good thing, and fascinating.

Who goeth a-borrowing goeth a-sorrowing. -- Thomas Tusser