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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: Romance is in the eye of the beholder... 8

So "that day" is coming up on Sunday. You know, February 14th. We normally don't celebrate with what you would call 'normal' gifts. Ben said he'd have gotten me 'flours' but he didn't want to go to Whole Foods. He was going to get some white, wheat and rye, and some yeast, and it would be a bouquet of flours. I'd have loved that.

But no, what he did was awesomer. He bought me a decent point-n-shoot, which I've been wanting for a while now, and a microwave (because our last one was sold with the house -- it was mounted over the stove), and three paperback novels. I've been wanting to read "Stupid reading" for a little while now, too. You know, the kind of thing you read when you just want to read something. Mysteries, mostly. He got me a Jonathan Kellerman and a Dean Koontz Odd Thomas book, and an Iris Schrier, I believe. Those were the sweetest gifts he could've gotten for me. Not anything sentimental, not something that will be dead in a week. Something useful and something I've been wanting, actually wanting.

I'm not recommending that everyone get their SO a microwave and a camera and three paperbacks. Or that you get them Chick-fil-a and leave it in the car clipped to their badge for them to take to work. But they were the perfect thing, and the most romantic thing (for me) that could happen on or around v-day.

I'm obviously easily impressed, though. :P

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Romance is in the eye of the beholder...

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  • He was buying gifts for you, not for some mass-media romantic. Much better.

    I like the Odd Thomas books. I've read the first four, and there are to be three more (I've heard that the next is due shortly, but I can't verify that). They are a little more than the usual suspense fare. If you read Odd Hours, read the Theodore Roethke quote at the beginning of the book, and pay attention to the first few paragraphs of chapter 32.

    • I've listened to Odd Hours, but reading it is something entirely different. I'm a re-reader, and am pleased to re-read books, because I always find something new. :)
  • Or that you get them Chick-fil-a

    Getting Chick-fil-A on a Sunday would be quite impressive.

    • True. I always want CFA on Sundays, too.
      • Is it really that you always want Chik-fil-A on Sundays, or that you frequently want Chick-fil-A, but only notice the Sunday cravings because they can't be fullfillled?

        • With my schedule the way it is now (7p-7a thurs-sat), I can tell you that yes, I do want cfa on sundays. on my drive home *and* when I wake up. But not really any other day of the week.

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