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Comment: Re:I'm a Canadian (Score 1) 322

by Ksevio (#48916129) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms
The main problem is some people aren't equipped to drive in it and because of that they will get stuck in snow causing problems for the plows. I'd say most of the people in the north east US use all weather tires which won't handle more than a few inches of snow. Additionally, there isn't space for the plowed snow to go in a lot of cities so it has to be trucked out or melted. If the roads are clear then they can be back to full capacity within hours of the storm ending (including removal of snow from city streets)

As for the alcohol thing - sounds like an ignorant waiter since it's not illegal for parents to give their children alcohol in their presence (at least not nationally). There are a lot of local laws (weird dry towns and such) so it might have been something like that.

Comment: Re:instant disqualification (Score 1) 643

by Ksevio (#48859731) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming
The original code is correct except that you have to define "n" as the limit. Basically it'd be in a function like:
def primes_upto(n):

It uses the functional programming style available in python which allows single liners that can do a lot (though ideally you will split them up a bit for readability).

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