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by Ksevio (#48466649) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?
I live in one of the few US towns with municipal power and we have great reliability because they do all the maintenance needed. The only time in the past 5 years we lost power was during a hurricane when something took out the substation (and it was fixed in hours, unlike the surrounding areas that were still out the next day). A lot of lines are underground, but I think the maintenance with cutting back trees and replacing bad sections also has a big part to play.

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by Ksevio (#48415215) Attached to: Rooftop Solar Could Reach Price Parity In the US By 2016

It lasted six years dude. The effects were even more obnoxious than I listed; I remember dusting the house every bloody day because they were stirring up that much dust and dirt. They destroyed our local roads and paid nothing towards the repair of them. I moved out of that area a full year after they completed construction and the streams still weren't clear. That's what happens when you clear cut thousands of acres of forest. The out-of-towners they trucked in for the job showed no respect to the local community. The complaints ranged from the trivial (speeding, ignoring stop signs) to the obnoxious (unnecessary jake braking at 3am, sexual innuendo on their CB radios) to the criminal (assault and rapes tripled in Wyoming County during this project).

Sounds like something to take up with your town council/police

. My preferred method of acting out was to fuck with the 18 wheelers that tailgated me. "Hmm, 60 in the 45 isn't fast enough for you?" [sets cruise control for 30] "Oh, you're going to pass me?" [floors it] "Yeah, how'd that work out for you? Get back there bitch. That's right." [back to 30, rinse and repeat for 15 mile

Sounds like a mature way of sticking it to the man (or the truck driver).

141 megawatts and for that we destroyed 9,000 acres of formerly pristine wilderness

That's quite a bit of power! That's also a suspiciously round number of acres. Judging by the satellite view you posted, the wilderness is still there with a few access roads.

Incidentally, it fails from an economics standpoint just as badly (if not more so) as it fails from an environmental one. That wind farm produced the staggering total of ten permanent jobs. A conventional power plant employs hundreds of people and doesn't require thousands of acres of wilderness. Heck, even the small businesses around here that install solar panels usually employ more than ten people.

Modern power plants don't employ that many people - it usually takes around 3 people to run a power plant so with shifts that's around 10.

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Often the first step I take for non-trivial problems is to think "has anyone does this before" and "did they share how they did it". You can often find a block of code on stackoverflow or someone's blog that does the trick. You should of course cite your source if it's a longer section or complicated one (this helps you later or others figure out what's going on), and licensing has to be kept in mind, but there's no point in redesigning the wheel every time.

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