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Comment: Re:MPAA all over again (Score 1) 295

Wait, so you'd trust your daughter in a taxi, but not an uber? Tell me how a taxi medallion makes a taxi driver a better driver than someone with a regular license? Uber and Lyft drivers are background checked, so no worries about getting a felon. Also, if your daughter was an hour late getting home, do you think you could call up yellow cab and they'd be able to tell you where she is? Uber tracks both the driver's phone GPS, and the passenger's phone GPS. There'd be little trouble in finding out where they are.

And for your idea about hailing a cab already in route to a similar destination, Lyft already has that

Its pretty obvious you've never tried these services

Comment: Re:Out with the old... or not? (Score 1) 295

Actually, Lyft and Uber's model does help eliminate incompetent, scary, and dishonest drivers. All passengers are prompted to rate their drivers at the end of the ride on a 5 star scale. Any driver who drops below a 4.6 average will be offboarded from the platform. Can't speak for Uber, but with Lyft, if a passenger leaves feedback about the safety of a driver, that'll also get the driver suspended until the performance team can investigate the claim.

If your Taxi driver is unsafe, who do you report him to? How about if he rips you off? If there is anything that is wrong with the service, from car maintenance, driver hygiene, navigation, safety; the passengers are able to remove the driver from the system

Comment: Re:So basically.. (Score 1) 295

That is blatantly false. Passengers have to agree to the rate of the surge pricing before they can request a car. Also, its mostly the driver who benefits from the surge pricing, as it is always an 80/20 cut.

Since all of the drivers are independent contractors, Uber needs an incentive to have their drivers out in full force on special occasions, and the promise of surge pricing does just that. If New Years Eve is going to net you the same amount as any other Saturday night, why bother driving instead of spending it with your friends and family

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.