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by Krymzn (#47727429) Attached to: Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?

I hope it does mean the end of the weapons of mass destruction we have north of Glasgow, removing Trident is one of the major reasons for voting yes to independence next month.

This is nuclear NIMBYism. If you are worried about the base itself being a target for a nuclear or terrorist strike, such an event would affect the whole world anyway, not just Glasgow.

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by Krymzn (#43848289) Attached to: Canon DSLR Hack Allows It To Shoot RAW Video
The cores were not all necessarily crippled just to meet a price point. It's to do with the yields in the wafer fabrication process. The CPUs go through a test phase during their manufacture, and some of the cores in the quad core processors will have imperfections. Rather than throw them out, they instead shut down those cores and pass the die off as a CPU with a lower number of cores.
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+ - Confusion Surrounds PS Vita Pre-Order Options->

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tekgoblin writes "With the release of Sony’s PS Vita coming up, there are various pre-order options for consumers to ponder. The obvious options are a pre-order of either the WiFi or 3G/WiFi version of the Vita, and the additional option is the premium “PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle”. The advantages of this premium bundle (at a premium price of $349.99) include the 3G/WiFi PS Vita, a limited PS Vita hard-shell case, a 4GB Vita memory card and a copy of the game Little Deviants. Gamers that order the PS Vita First Edition Bundle will also receive their console a week earlier than other pre-ordered systems and in consideration of that, a smattering of titles will be available on February 15 as well."
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redletterdave writes "Microsoft won a patent for a GPS feature that helps the user avoid bad neighborhoods, weather systems, and dangerous terrain; many are already calling this technology the "avoid ghetto" feature. Created specifically for mobile phones that leverage GPS technology, Microsoft's feature considers weather data, terrain and local crime statistics before offering the user a specific route. According to the patent filing, the GPS feature will retain "pedestrian history from a plurality of pedestrians and addresses of at least one information source that has a history of providing reliable information," and discounts "low quality" sources. Once the device has obtained the information, "an artificial intelligence component makes at least one inference regarding a route based on previous pedestrian behavior." Microsoft also included an "analysis component that determines an importance of the information to the user," so if a user doesn't mind going through an unsafe neighborhood if that route is faster or more direct, the GPS can take that into account. Microsoft's feature works in real-time, so if crime or weather changes, the system can adapt dynamically to provide the user with the safest and most personalized directions at all times."
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