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AMD Turns PCs Into Premium Hi-Def Content Recorders

Submitted by OSTG Marketing
AMD unveiled the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The device turns a PC into a video recorder and television for high-definition premium video content broadcast by networks such as ESPN and HBO. "The ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner works on computers running Microsoft's Windows Vista Media Center, and leverages the operating system's menus and interfaces.

+ - NASA to use Metric System on Moon Mission

Submitted by JustOK
JustOK (667959) writes "With the first mission scheduled for 2020, NASA plans, among other things, to use "metric units for all operations on the lunar surface"
"NASA's lunar plan also encourages participation by other nations, as well as non-governmental organizations and commercial groups." NASA has nearly 60 space and Earth science projects currently, with about half having some type of international cooperation. North and South lunar poles are being looked at as locations for moon bases. Lunar stays of up to 180 days are being planned.
The project will see "A string of robot spacecraft will shoot for the Moon within the next two years, departing from Japan, China, India, as well as the United States."
According to a report via Yahoo! by staff, NASA has had informal discussions on using Internet protocols for lunar communications."
United States

Journal: Global Warming 4

Journal by pudge

Say whatever you want about global warming, but, um, don't say that higher-than-normal temperatures in the Northeast right now have anything directly to do with it. You do realize that the temperatures have risen like 1.5 degrees over the past HUNDRED YEARS, right? You can't actually FEEL any difference, or notice it with your senses.



+ - SlingCenter Brings Your Computer to Your TV

Submitted by
Arrow writes "SlingMedia just announced at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show their new product — the SlingCenter. The SlingCenter is "designed to deliver rich video experiences to a television located in the home as well as in remote locations." It comes with "SlingProjector" software that wirelessly beams your computer screen to your TV, meaning those YouTube parties can start up for real now. It's supposed to come out in mid-2007 and retail for under $200, which almost certainly means $199.99. Story broken by GigaOM."

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