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Comment: Re:nice (Score 0) 131

by Kristopeit, Mike D. (#33727558) Attached to: 1K JavaScript Madness
no. and even if it were possible, generally the use of jquery is usually done through a cached resource... 1k vs 4k vs 24k is pretty much exactly the same, except for the the initial loading, and only then on slow dialup connections.

as jquery removes support for older browsers, the size will reduce.

Comment: Re:Gluttons for abuse (Score -1, Flamebait) 299

by Kristopeit, Mike D. (#33724946) Attached to: AppleTV Runs iOS, Already Jailbroken
my point is you never made a point... you cowardly backed out of it at the end. do you think it is certain or not? if something might not be certain, then certainly you shouldn't make such an observation implying the certainty of either possibility.

as to saying something.... maintaining a platform layer that spans from the hardware to application software user interface is not something that works well when certain aspects of the platform are not locked down.

the real issue is whether you believe "possibly confusing a logical user" is something that should be allowed as a result of the platform.

certainly you do?

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