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Check out the issues that Titanfall has with audio comparing the Xbone SPU with PCs that don't have a fancy SPU. It's probably the best example I can think of right now, but there are plenty of others regarding 3D audio and onboard sound. Onboard sound quality reached par with CD quality audio with multiple channels, but there's a lot more available. The truth is that the base quality of hardware reached a point where things are 'good enough', but the tradeoffs are still very noticeable when running applications that were designed to use the advanced functionality.

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by Kremmy (#47425941) Attached to: Dwarf Fortress Gets Biggest Update In Years
“Traditional single-processor pathnding strategies, such as A* and its derivatives, have been long praised for their exibility. We implemented several parallel versions of such algorithms to analyze their intrinsic behavior, concluding that they have a large overhead, yield far from optimal paths, do not scale up to many cores or are cache unfriendly. In this article, we propose Parallel Ripple Search, a novel parallel pathnding algorithm that largely solves these limitations.”
I disagree with your basic assumptions.

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I expect that the logic required to reasonably split up the pathfinding is going to easily reverse any potential savings. There is a completely disregard for the fact that in order to split the processing up, one must take the time to organize the processes such that they can be split up.

It's a little bit like rocket science. How each additional pound of fuel provides so much thrust, but the additional weight but also be accounted for. 'parallel the pathfinding' is adding fuel without accounting for the weight of the fuel.

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by Kremmy (#47351435) Attached to: Boston Trying Out Solar-Powered "Smart Benches" In Parks
When you're resorting to sleeping on benches, there's not a lot of people willing to hire you.
Or let you take a shower.
Or clean your clothes.
And people talk about you like you have a choice in the matter.
They put spikes and dividers on the benches so you can't sleep.
Have you ever tried to find a job when you haven't slept comfortably for god knows how long, haven't had a solid meal, haven't been able to clean yourself up?
Have you ever once, for a moment, stepped outside of your privilege and thought about what it actually means to be in that position, and what it honestly takes to get out it?
Take a nap.

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Civilization gaps. Any first-world waste that makes it to the third-world stands the chance of empowering the third-world to shed the label. The people with the money and power know that modern civilization is unsustainable, but the best they can do is try to maintain pools of cheap labor by restricting advancement. Look at things like a modern chinese factory, the highest technical assembly lines in the world are people putting things together by hand, being paid minimally for it. But what changes if the people on the bottom of the ladder are empowered with the technology? They stop being at the bottom of the ladder, and the entire power structure as it currently exists collapses.

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