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Comment: Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 162

by geekoid (#48195789) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

So you violated the speeding law, based on an assumption about a yellow light time(which varies both per light and electrical fluctuation), thus jeopardizing others.
You need to have you drivers license taking away, cut into pieces, and the shoved up your dick hole.

Comment: Re:Compelling, but a mix still better... (Score 2) 338

by Dynedain (#48190385) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

This was a big plot point in a scifi novel I read years ago. A group of people willingly underwent amputation to reduce the mass of legs, allowing them to add more people to their launch crew.

If I remember correctly, there is a staged automobile accident, causing the main character to lose his legs (not knowing it was intentional) resolving the problem of being separated from the love interest who would be on the shuttle.

This is really going to bother me until I can remember what novel it was.

Comment: Re: Agner Krarup Erlang - The telephone in 1909! (Score 1) 288

by geekoid (#48190093) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

yes, it sure isn't the money the spend studying logistic, inefficiencies, and how to get more customers in line. nope. CEOs are stupid people who just do what some person at a seminar tells them.

" It's the only reason I can think of."
Think harder.

Comment: Re:I have to question the facts of the matter (Score 1) 193

by geekoid (#48187579) Attached to: The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

If it was a physical issue, then how do you explain Valentina Tereshkova?
You're example will be valid once people run to the Moon, until then you should probably realize you examples is just a unconscious bias.

She passed all the test and qualified. So the only reason for her not to get chosen is because she was a woman. Probably because a femal death would have been a big blow to the program; which is a form of cultural sexism.

She was not a military test pilot, but neither was John Glenn.

Now, to you far more stupider points:
" I do not believe in advocacy for either of the sexes."
So no one should have advocated for women to vote?

"I have no patience for it because it is ultimately dishonest."
No, it isn't. You're examples are dishonest.

" It isn't about fair"
Sure it is, that's why there is a woman's race and a men's race. As I address, irrelevant to being an astronaut.

" I acknowledge again that women should be given an EQUAL shot at these things."
and when the entrenched system is actually giving them an equal shot? Something very well documented.

"You put your finger on the scale to bias the results and I will cut that fucker off and feed it to you."

So you're argument is so week you have to use physical threats?
I'd like to see you do that to my face, becasue I have no problem seeing you arrested.

You're just another dumb ass Internet tough guy.

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -- Carl Sagan, Cosmos