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Comment: Battery won't solve fast charging electric cars! (Score 1) 227

by KreAture (#46688147) Attached to: Nanodot-Based Smartphone Battery Recharges In 30 Seconds
We already have batterys that can receive far more than the grid can provide. How is a better battery going to help this?
If you try to charge a Tesla Model S-85 at 1C rate you need to provide that 85 kWh or more! This is even pushing our 3-phase 400v grid at 130 amps...

People don't understand how much energy is really in these batterys, nor do they realize how much energy is in gasoline.
To equate to that huge Tesla battery you only need 2 gallons of gasoline. (If your engine could utilize all the chemical energy in it.)

Comment: Re:Ummm, probably not (Score 1) 142

by KreAture (#46681709) Attached to: Skydiver's Helmet Cam Captures a Falling Meteor
Well, we do have size info.
Minimum focal range is approx 23".
Further more, the sensor of a hero 3 has appreox 170 degrees field of view.
Based on this we can know that in order to be in focus at all the object has atleast 0.9 mm/pixel size.
With atleast 12 pixels width that's 10.8mm and at that range/scale the apparant size of it would change dramatically as it passed the fov. It doesn't.

Comment: Two rocks! (Score 3, Interesting) 142

by KreAture (#46659351) Attached to: Skydiver's Helmet Cam Captures a Falling Meteor
Notice in the video right before "the rock" flies past there is a spec in the distance too, lower left side of screen.
This may be another fragment of the same meteorite as it broke up and would support the "larger rock breaking up" theory.
It also fits with the fresh fracture-surface seen on the large object.

Why did noone in the video mention this second piece?

Comment: Gyroscopic effect (Score 2) 264

by KreAture (#45885659) Attached to: Experiments Reveal That Deformed Rubber Sheet Is Not Like Spacetime
A marble rolling on a rubber sheet will create a gyroscopic effect due to the strict alignment of the plane of rotation with direction of motion.
A planet spinning in space will have it's rotation in a completely different plane, and apparantly aligned (although often observably skewed) with the plane of orbit.
No wonder it's not comparable.

Comment: Re:And, Folks, stay tuned.. (Score 1) 239

by KreAture (#45626061) Attached to: Tesla Model S Battery Drain Issue Fixed
It is also against the rules.
Since you can view the car as a plugged in device, as it's connected to the grid all night, it should follow the rules of phantom draw.
Basically if it's OFF it should be below 0.5w (was 1w in 2010).
You could argue that it's systems like location sensing, gps, wireless networking and such that are never turned off, and are required for fast startup once out of the OFF-state, but a 3G modem that is not transmitting data can survive nicely on 10 mW if need be. Also, since the car can be assumed not to move when off, GPS can be kickstarted with old coordinates and the current time.
It is more likely this draw is from quite hungry computers that shouldn't even be there in the first place.

Comment: Stolen bitcoins = right to refuse service? (Score 1) 305

by KreAture (#45573305) Attached to: Bitcoin Thefts Surge, DDoS Hackers Take Millions
Following a blockchain can't you trace bitcoins coming from a "heist" assuming the victims can document their original wallet and keys?
Could one then trace the blockchain once funds are received, and then say sorry, I won't deliver the merchandise as you are paying with stolen money. Bitcoins could even be returned to the rightfull owner less a appropriate "finders fee"?

Utopia I am sure, but technically could it be done?

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