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Comment: Will sav USD 240/yr., + unlimited + free iPhone 5 (Score 0) 273

by KrazyDave (#46443125) Attached to: WSJ: Americans' Phone Bills Are Going Up
Was on TMOUS for 10 yrs., limited data, shared minutes, initially because it was the best family plan with no roaming charges for about USD 164/4 lines. Then when TMOUS went "no-contract", I actually paid early termination fees for 2 of the lines to go "no contract" and it was well worth it. Now there are never overage charges, all unlimited text, talk and data (one line for my wife's iPhone has unlimited high-speed data at extra charge), 4 lines for less than USD 120. When my wife got the installment plan to buy an iPhone 5 last year for an extra 20/mo., our bill went up to a little less than we were paying. So essentially, beside the aforementioned unlimited upgrades, we got an extra unlocked iPhone 5 for my wife for the same amount we were paying previously and when its paid off in 24 mos., our bill will go down 20/month again. I sure hope no one buys TMOUS because they will nix these crazy pro-consumer plans in a heartbeat. Not affiliated with T-Mo in any way except as a happy customer.

Comment: Paper or plastic? (Score 3, Interesting) 48

by KrazyDave (#45592511) Attached to: Plastic Waste Threatens Marine Diversity

In America there are tight regulations of the manufacturing, and transport on top of EPA. When you request a plastic bag, it's clean and it's fate is clean, plus we have profuse kandfill space available that is also tightly managed and regulated.

It is the "emerging" economies led by China and India who dump unregulated waste including heavy metals and other toxins, have dirty-technolgy, and unregulated factories that spew millions of tons of untreated air pollution and who also dump millions of tons of their plastic garbage directly into our oceans.

So you jackass hipsters at Trader Joe's keep using your filthy little burlap bags and thinking that you're making a difference while you turn a blind eye to the ecological atrocities committed by your we-are-the-world brothers.

Comment: Teva-wearing-to-show-off-his-toes Ashton Kutcher: (Score -1) 293

by KrazyDave (#45546781) Attached to: With Burning Teslas In the News Ford Recalls Almost 140,000 Escapes
Likes Tesla enough to feature one in an episode of 'Two And A Half men", so it must be fabulous to the knuckle-dragging, self-important, pseudo-intellectual, "Big Bang Theory"-watching sluggard hipsters who idolize and follow new-age 'messiahs" such as Obama and Musk.

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