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well, negative motion of particles is still motion nonetheless. Temperature isn't so much an energy gain / loss of a system. That's flux. Temperature is more of a measure of the movement / vibration per arbitrary number of particles. Heat is the energy dissipated by these movements / vibrations.

Comment University of North Texas, and UT Dallas (Score 0) 835 835

Well, as a former computer science major at the University of North Texas, I recall that we did have a couple labs running only linux computers used more for school purposes, but if you were a cs student, you had access via putty / vpn into the lab. These included the parallel computing lab which was a networked cluster of about 20 dual-cpu machines, 10 servers using an NFS for shared data storage, and the entry-level class programming labs. The majority of our courses which involved actually turning in source code aside from a couple upper level classes oriented towards windows-based programming required that our source code compile and run correctly on the campus run linux machines. We also had numerous small computer kiosks running a very trimmed down linux-based desktop typically only set up for internet usage so we could access UNT's web system and all. I'd say it was fairly linux friendly, but not as much as some colleges? Now, I do know a few people who attended the University of Texas in Dallas. I'm told that the campus actually has a dedicated public-usage linux computer lab. I thought that was pretty cool Whereas with UNT, aside from running on servers which only CSci/Eng students could access, you needed special permission to use the linux based computers. If I remember right, the entry-level lab was reserved for classes only, and you needed a name/password on the parallel cluster to access it via command line only.

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