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Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

BMI isn't everything. I'm 178cm (5'10") and 95kg (209lbs), which is a BMI of exactly 30, ie. on the borderline between overweight and obese.

Now, I agree that I have a some visible pudge that I'm still trying to get rid of. But I also deadlift 150kg (330lbs) for reps and I can do clapping pushups etc. no problem.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, or by an overly simplified formula.

Comment Re:Ghostery = 'souled-out' & inferior vs. host (Score 1) 259

Shut up, apk. It's bad enough that you spam every single discussion of ad blockers on Slashdot, now you have to prop up your own posts by acting as your own fanclub?

You're a sad little man with a horrible delusion. Every single post you write reeks of conspiracy theory and tinfoil-hattery. It's blatantly obvious by the way you write, with SPURIOUS CAPITALIZATION, &s instead of 'and', and ellipses all over the place. It's a sure sign of someone I would never trust to write a safe piece of software.

And what's more, all your little script does is pull blocklists from various sites, blocklists that have been made by other people. All you did was write a simple shellscript. It's a worthless piece of shit, no-effort junk.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 1) 450

On other hand, you should never be afraid to try for someone you may think is way out of your league. A lot of times you will be turned down, but at some point you may happen upon someone who just digs your personality/sense of humor/whatever. It's happened to me a couple of times, and while it's only a small statistical blip in the number of women I've dated, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Maybe that perfect 10 is secretly a major geek at heart, or at least appreciates someone who's genuinely a nice person and not just looking to get laid. I'm not saying it happens often, I'm just saying that it's happened to me, so it must happen to other guys as well.

Comment Windows XP pushed me to Linux (Score 1) 136

At the time, I was running Windows 98 on my PC, and wanted to move to Windows XP, which had just been released. Unfortunately, the drivers for my sound card and some other hardware was not available for XP (or even Win2K), so I figured "why not try out this Linux thing instead?"

I had had some limited experience with Suse 6.4 some time earlier, but from reading about the different distros, I decided to pick up Mandrake 8.2. I downloaded the whole CD set and even printed covers and everything for them. From there, I've used Debian, Gentoo and Arch. I'm pondering trying out PC-BSD next, it seems pretty nifty, and I'm getting too old to constantly tinker with my main desktop OS.

I lasted a year or so running Linux exclusively (and playing a LOT of Quake 3) before I buckled and added a Windows partition again. I'm pretty well satisfied with Windows 7/10, actually. Very good OSes, if you must run Windows apps.

Comment Re:Suck it, Neil (Score 1) 574

Yeah, but I like stuff like Tangerine Dream, or obscure psytrance bands from Sweden, where there IS no 'lyrics' and the sound is literally the only thing.

No, the sound quality isn't the only thing. You're forgetting the melody and musicianship, which are completely unrelated to the distribution format.

I prefer fancypants 192K (or 96K: same to me, frankly) 24 bit, to vinyl. Unhesitatingly (though there are times when the vinyl mastering helped the sound of the record, and just taking the master tape wouldn't give you as good of a mix).

But I prefer both to CD quality, except when the vinyl's real noisy.

Why do you prefer 192kHz 24bit to CD quality? Which benefits do you percieve over the very same track in CD quality, that isn't down to simple remastering?

Honestly, I like LPs too, because while they're clearly inferior to the CD format, they're good enough, I like the tactile experience, and the large album artwork is killer.

Comment Re:I'm sure this isn't about Young vs Trump, right (Score 1) 574

Speaking of HX Pro and Dolby noise reduction etc., it's amazing how much sound quality was improved over the original specification.

Try and listen to an original spec Type I compact cassette with no tricks, and then compare it to a Type IV metal cassette with HX Pro and Dolby C, the difference is absolutely mindblowing. Some serious engineering went into those systems. Back when I worked at Bang & Olufsen, I chatted with some of the engineers who worked with Jørgen Selmer Jensen (who invented HX Pro), and it's still considered one of the greatest achievements of the company.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 574

You should get a turntable again and relive the memories. Depending on your outlook, you can then be amazed at how dragging a needle across a ridged piece of plastic can actually produce good quality sound, or be amazed at how big of a leap in sound quality CD was over the LP.

I have a small vinyl collection going, and I generally buy new releases from my favorite bands on LP. Not because of the sound quality, because while it's perfectly acceptable, it's clearly inferior to digital, especially with the pops and clicks and statis. I do it because it's a more tactile format, and because I love the big cover art and funky colored LPs you can get. Usually there's a download code for Bandcamp etc. included, so I can have the music on my PC and MP3 player as well.

Comment Re:Monster Business School (Score 1) 288

My point is that even the cheapest analog cables sound exactly as good as the expensive alternatives, they meet the specs. Longevity and build quality is a completely different matter, but can still be had inexpensively.

The HDMI cable you mention is a different matter, where the cheap ones simply don't meet the actual specs. Buy the cheapest cable that meets the specs you need.

Comment Re:Monster Business School (Score 4, Informative) 288

There are still plenty of analog connections around. Headphone jacks, RCA outputs and so on. None of them sound any better through Monster cables than through cheap dollar store cables, and they never did.


Note that by far the largest difference was stereo crosstalk, and that has a lot more to do with cable geometry than with price or "quality". You can make any cable measure exceedingly low crosstalk by physically separating the wires, but no one can head crosstalk at -84dB anyway, so it's pointless.

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