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Comment: Re:Spoiler Alert: FTA (Score 1) 99

by Kozar_The_Malignant (#47647683) Attached to: Toxic Algae Threatens Florida's Gulf Coast
Out here on the West Coast, all it takes to get a good dinoflagellate bloom going is ocean water temperature a bit higher than normal. A variety of factors can contribute to this, including El Nino, lower than normal winter rainfall, increased air temperature, weakening of the longshore current. Of course in the Southeast, consideration of climate change is illegal in many states. In Florida, it's probably easiest to blame it on Cuban Communists.

Comment: Pretty much the same experience (Score 1) 365

I have had about the same experience, with one exception. In 2006 at a new job, my employer bought me a 17" HP that was built like a tank and worked flawlessly for six years. Of course it cost more than a comparable Macbook at the time. Battery life was awfule, as in I had to buy new batteries every 18 months, but it worked great. It also weighed as much as a tank. I currently use a 13" Retina Macbook Pro that is better in every way.

Comment: Average Eleventh Grader? (Score 1) 293

The "average eleventh grader" can't write three consecutive sentences of of grammatical English let alone pass any AP test. Actually, the average eleventh grader is not going to go to college, although if you leave out Joe Average, Jill Average is likely to enroll in some sort of post-secondary education.

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Back in the late Sixties, everyone regarded AT&T as the Acme of Evil, an avatar of the Great Enemy on Earth. The Beast was chopped into bits, stakes driven through the multiple hearts of the bits, and each bit chained and confined to separate parts of the land. People grew complacent, and slowly the separate parts of the Beast began to stir. Tentacles slithered into emerging areas of the telecommunications industry and into the pockets of regulators and legislators. Slowly, the bits began to reassemble themselves into a new form until now it has fully reemerged to prey on the unwary.

Comment: Data Roaming (Score 1) 321

Unless you are treating Ebola patients with MSF in the Congo, your overseas travel is most likely in areas bathed in multiple layers of accessible WiFi. Restrict your data use to that. Also, as several others have noted, get a sim from the local shop. It's cheap and easy. You do have an unlocked phone, right?

Comment: Re:IS it more stable, or does it FEEL more stable? (Score 2) 128

by Kozar_The_Malignant (#47131093) Attached to: Ford's Bringing Adaptive Steering To the Masses
My girlfriend's 1966 Dodge Dart had power steering and was 7.5 turns lock to lock compared to my 1959 TR3 with no power steering and 2.5 turns lock to lock. Your description of the steering going from mushy to terrifying certainly applied to that Dodge. As you say, the TR3 felt like it was on rails.

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