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Comment: Re:This is why I like analog gauges... (Score 1) 95

Right you are. I missed that. The jets were mostly used for takeoff and for added speed over target. Interesting that the radials have throttle control at both the pilot's and engineer's stations, while the jet throttles are only up front, at least as far as I can tell.

Comment: Re:This is why I like analog gauges... (Score 1) 95

True, however many of the gauges are selectable for individual cylinders of each engine; head temperature and the others in the left bank of six columns. Power was six Pratt & Whitney R-4360 radials, each with 28 cylinders in four banks of seven. Having an individual cylinder drop out was not uncommon apparently.

Comment: Dear Paul and Christopher... (Score 0) 325

You have too much crap on your phones. If you bought a 16GB iPhone, you bought a phone with enough capacity for your contacts, calendar, email, etc. It's not for storing all your music and photos. If you want to do that, buy one of the phones with more memory. Idiots.

Comment: Re: 65536 (Score 1) 246

Actually, Rolex and a lot of others care deeply about that. In Italy, the Guardia Finanzia has units financed by Gucci, D&G, et al. that go after counterfeiters from the top on down to chasing street peddlers. It's all about how much you care about your reputation.

Comment: Re:Oh rearery? (Score 1) 236

>That said, reprisals are a terrible idea.

Who needs reprisals? They're stuck in North Korea. What could be worse? The Dear Leader is a bat-shit crazy reincarnation of Stalin. Half the country is starving to death. Even if your are relatively well off, you could be taken out and shot any minute, and every known relative of yours hauled off to a camp for generations.

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