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Comment: Re:Lacking developers. (Score 1) 189

by MightyMartian (#47988801) Attached to: BlackBerry Launches Square-Screened Passport Phone

In units sold you're right. In revenue you're not. Apple has demonstrated with the iPhone 6 that, despite all the claims that it was over the hill, that it still commands significant brand loyalty and dominates the high end smart phone market. All Blackberry and Microsoft have been able to demonstrate is the number of people who actually give a damn about their phones is so small as to be deemed insignificant. Neither Google or Apple are losing much sleep over Windows or Blackberry phones.

Comment: Re:Most rational people never believe in AGW (Score 0) 207

by MightyMartian (#47978791) Attached to: Study Links Pacific Coastal Warming To Changing Winds

Good thing climatologists aren't members of a religious faith.

But I do enjoy how you've cribbed Creationist thinking that "any day now we'll discover evolution is a lie" and neatly changed some words. Are you proud to be at the same intellectual level as your garden variety YEC?

Comment: Re:"Belief" is not part of the scientific method (Score 1, Insightful) 207

by MightyMartian (#47978771) Attached to: Study Links Pacific Coastal Warming To Changing Winds

Except, of course, what you just wrote has nothing to do with AGW models or theories.

Par for the course for science deniers of all kinds; create strawmen of theories they're too emotionally retarded to accept, strike down strawmen and declare victory.

Imagine being so infantile you cannot deal with reality.

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by MightyMartian (#47976827) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux

Have you looked at Powershell and its scriptlet libraries? It's easier to administer Windows than it was a decade ago, but it's still quite complex. "Better than it once was" is not the same as "better than the alternatives".

And Linux, even with the Redhat ecosystem, can still be lean and mean. Maybe the problem with the AC's IT department is the IT department. I run a whole host of Linux servers, admittedly under Debian (though I've toyed with CentOS), and they're all pretty lean and mean. I'll wager a baremetal Debian or Fedora install is going to be a lot less of a hog than the sparest of CLI-based Server 2012 installs. Nobody seriously moves to Windows Server because of resource issues.

Comment: Re:This has been discussed for so long... (Score 1) 221

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I have six or seven Debian servers, none of which have GUIs, let alone music players. Now it is true that a few servers do have audio capabilities on the motherboards, so an audio driver is being loaded. If I want so squeeze a bit more RAM out of the machines, I could disable those modules, but other than that they are very minimal installs. Basic userland, Samba, maybe LAMP and a few other useful tools and that's about it. I don't know how much smaller you can get without moving to embedded variants like DD-WRT, which have only a subset of a typical *nix user land. Far less useful as servers, mind you.

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