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Comment Re:Cop video storage is a moral hazard for Taser (Score 1) 93

The other side of this argument is that while individual police agencies don't have to retrieve video very often (except perhaps for very large ones, like NYPD), Taser will be getting requests on a daily basis. If they fail to "find" a substantial portion of those videos, it's going to become obvious -- and public -- very quickly. And the story will be that they're failing to do the primary job for which the taxpayers are paying them tens or hundreds of millions of dollars annually. That in turn will generate tremendous pressure on police departments to dump them. If agencies do their own storage they have a certain degree of plausible deniability around their own technical failures. Taser won't have that, and agencies won't have plausible deniability around their decision to use Taser once it's been headline news that Taser routinely fails.

From Taser's perspective, I think that narrative is a pretty compelling argument for being very careful not to ever "lose" video. Some headlines could destroy their business very quickly. They could survive one or two rounds of such headlines, but once it's clear that they've had plenty of time to fix their operations and still fail, they'd be dead.

Comment Re:Best and Brightest (Score 1) 215

We're tired of being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs.

For the record, here was the entirety of my post:

"Stories about women in tech always bring out the best in Slashdot readers."

And the AC takes this as "being told how horrible we all are by you authoritarian thugs". You just can't be nice to some people, I guess.

Comment Re:fires not just for ecoterrorists (Score 1) 220

Now when a fire gets started it burns decades of pent up fuel, it burns hotter and higher, it spreads over larger areas and kills EVERYTHING.

Alaska and Yellowstone both show that even that doesn't last very long in the scale of things. When most of yellowstone burned, some scientists were predicting that they figured that the soil itself must have been so scorched that nothing would grow in it for decades. A couple decades later you had trees shooting up like weeds.

I'm not saying to abandon all firefighting efforts, but instead they should let 'as much burn as practical'. Yes, that means that they should probably update building codes and encourage renovations to make homes that can survive such blazes. Clear out trees and foilage that's too close, plant the fire-resistant stuff, etc...

We'll have smokey summers for a while until the excess is burnt away, but we'll be the better for it.

Comment Re:Get some competition, watch that rise. (Score 1) 138

Capitalism can't "work itself out" when consumer selection isn't the driving force, and muscley corporates are.

The answer is basically what we see here - upstart companies providing more competition. And yes, local government can be competition, and my only requirement is that I'd prefer it to be approved by a majority vote by residents. You should absolutely NOT restrict competition.

Suing to drive said small town's efforts bankrupt? Dismissed with prejudice with x3 lawyer's fees awarded. It's effectively a SLAPP. (lawsuits suppressing speech).

When it comes to utilities I prefer cooperatives anyways.

Comment Re:Three Seashells (Score 1) 220

My guess is that a lot of them would rather see the species extinct than reduced to domestic cattle.

Then they're asshats. Seriously. Right now there's not enough Rhinos period for healthy genetic diversity.

Anyways, the ranchers mentioned don't keep their animals tightly confined, and horn harvest is about once a year, not monthly.

Besides, if you can fulfill enough of the demand with legal product, the economic motive to poach is decreased, meaning less pressure on the herds, leaving population growth and land takeover as the biggest threats. Get Africans up to even 2nd world standards and their birth rate should drop like the others, they'll become concerned about the environment like we did, etc...

So you can end up with a situation like in Europe - plenty of wild boars still exist, even though pig farms do as well. Heck, USA and it's feral populations of pigs and horses.

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