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Journal: Holy Friggin' Crap

Journal by Kostya
Ok, so I'm running the dead sexy Psyche distribution from Red Hat. It's sexy because it is new. It's nothing special--i.e. I did not notice anything super new or revolutionary ...

EXCEPT for the wonderful anti-aliasing everywhere. GNOME2 is a delight to behold, and the blue-curve icons are absolute smashing. Yes, yes, blue-curve is considered evil by all staunch defenders of [insert-whatever], but I think it looks damn cool. And GNOME2 is snappier than GNOME 1.x--yah, GNOME hackers!

So I want this xft goodness in everything--especially mozilla. So I go over to fontconfig and find a prebuilt mozilla with the appropriate patching.

Oh ... my ... who knew it could look this good?

Really, I'm stunned. I'm willing to run this 1.0 branch and wait for Mozilla to integrate this. Really. It is that incredible.

Try it yourself. Download an xft Mozilla build and then try to get it running next to a regular Mozilla build. The difference the font rendering makes is unbelievable.

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Journal: Slashdot sucumbs to the addiction that is "Diaries"

Journal by Kostya
My first slashdot diary. Unlike k5, they appear to be less "prominent" in the site. This might be simply because there are so many friggin' slahdotters ;-) A lit of new journal entries would quickly become useless unless you set it at "Show in groups of 100".

Rah. My /. journal entry. Woohoo.

Interchangeable parts won't.