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Comment Raytheon Owns Websense, $500M commercial cyber bus (Score 1) 62

Based on the posts, I think people don't realize that Raytheon owns computer security firm Websense through a joint venture, a deal where Raytheon merged their own $400M valuation commercial cybersecurity business into the Websense to create a half a billion dollar commercial cyber business. That doesn't even cover their existing government networks, communications and cyber business which is a very different animal altogether. Therefore, the statements that the firm somehow doesn't have any software and cybersecurity chops as stated by the OP is a bit absurd.

Comment Bringing Manufacturing, Not Manufacturing Jobs (Score 1) 102

A distinction that needs to be made: we're bringing manufacturing back to the United States but not necessarily all the manufacturing jobs. Automation and other manufacturing efficiencies developed over the last three decades means we can make more with much few people, and even the quality of those jobs is different from before - in the old days, it would be large numbers of middle class, blue collar jobs. Now, it's a small handful of highly skilled white collar workers and an army of minimum wage individuals who only have their jobs because they're still cheaper than a robot.

Comment For HVAC, makes sense, but may lose on aesthetics (Score 3, Insightful) 89

As the article noted, the double benefit of this system is not just the token energy it generates but the ability to better control HVAC costs by reducing the amount of heat that goes in through the windows, reducing demands on air conditioning in the summer. That being said, based on the pictures, this system is not pretty: the lines running through the translucent cells are rather annoying to look at and could be shot down by builders for the aesthetics alone. It would be better if they could deploy this as some sort of window shade that can be retracted to allow for unobstructed views (looking at the photos of the sample setup, it reminds me of the translucent shades used in a lot of newer offices), but I don't think this technology is there.

Comment Re:Wait until the next step... (Score 2) 456

Now that they've started to gain ground, imagine the next steps: they start suing you because your Wi-Fi router is harming them, suing coffee shops and restaurants to remove Wi-Fi hotspots because of the harm it causes them, telecom companies to remove cell towers because it is harmful to them, etc. This will not end well...

Especially if they do get this classified as a disability and start trying to leverage Americans with Disabilities Act.

Comment Wait until the next step... (Score 1) 456

Now that they've started to gain ground, imagine the next steps: they start suing you because your Wi-Fi router is harming them, suing coffee shops and restaurants to remove Wi-Fi hotspots because of the harm it causes them, telecom companies to remove cell towers because it is harmful to them, etc. This will not end well...

Mice Brainpower Boosted With Alteration of a Single Gene 105

Zothecula writes: By altering a single gene to inhibit the activity of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase (PDE4B), researchers have given mice the opportunity to see what an increase in intelligence is like. "They tended to learn faster, remember events longer and solve complex exercises better than ordinary mice. For example, the “brainy mice” showed a better ability than ordinary mice to recognize another mouse that they had been introduced to the day before (abstract). They were also quicker at learning the location of a hidden escape platform in a test called the Morris water maze. However, the PDE4B-inhibited mice also showed less recall of a fearful event after several days than ordinary mice." While many people would welcome such a treatment, the scientists say their research could lead to new treatments for those with cognitive disorders and age-related cognitive decline.

Comment Spark Filters' IBM 402 (Score 1) 620

My favorite story in this category has to be Sparkler Filters based in Conroe, TX. Apparently, they still have a IBM 402, the only known remaining working system of this classic 1948 model. The Computer History Museum tried to coax the company in selling their system to them as an exhibit, but apparently, they failed. The company will reconsider as they slowly phase out the punch card system for PC's.

Comment Suffering of a few vs. suffering of a billion (Score 1) 93

It's an unfortunate situation for those with the rare conditions; there's a lot more potential profit in finding a way to genetically prevent pain for billions of people than it is to cure the handful with the condition.

This one line in the opening comment rubbed me the wrong way, that some how, the pain and suffering of those billions of people is less important than the handful ill with a rare condition. It's not just crassly about profits, but it's a real ethical dilemma - maybe for the greater good, greatest bang for your research buck, focusing on those billions is a greater benefit to humanity than the small handful with an extremely rare condition. I hate making this statement because I don't want to downplay the severe suffering of those with rare genetic disorders, but I feel the issue is more nuanced than the hand waving the original post does on the trade off.

Comment Have you even looked at their reports? (Score 1) 154

Clearly you don't read GAO's reports: they have an entire section dedicated to all the problems in the Federal government including F-35 or defense acquisition as a whole. Unfortunately, the people who they report to, Congress, doesn't seem to really pay attention to what they publish unless it aligns with their scapegoat of the day.

Comment Maybe Not Specific Degree But General Direction (Score 1) 306

I always viewed the bachelors degree not as a gift of learning but as a demonstration of basic literacy in a particular subject area. I don't expect an engineer to be an expert in their field coming out of college, but if they have an engineering degree, I can have some confidence that they at least understand basic chemistry, physics and more complicated mathematics while also being able to handle a little bit of stress and get stuff done. Same with an art degree - they may not be an expert in their particular field, but at least they have demonstrated some level of competency in terms of artistic sense, a level of "trainability" in the tools used in the art field, and the minimum grit in getting things done. Certainly not saying that people without a college degree don't have these characteristics, but a college degree at least provides an easily visible certification that helps reduce the risk of a dud hire.

Comment Re:Wasn't Really Trying to Hide in the First Place (Score 4, Informative) 219

Should add... if you actually read the article, the "pseudonym" he was posting under was nothing more than the title of "Shahjahanpur (City) News" with his photograph right there on it. He just setup a second Facebook account act as a news feed.

Comment Wasn't Really Trying to Hide in the First Place... (Score 2) 219

Even though he went by an alias on Facebook, he did post his own picture on the account. I don't think he was even seriously trying to conceal who he was; he probably didn't expect the corrupt official to take such a drastic step. Given that case, there's nothing that Facebook can do in this kind of situation.

Comment Sounds like the Internet (Score 2) 176

All kinds of engineering talent, organizational expertise, a logistics and trade network that spanned the Mediterranean world; were necessary to run something like the Colosseum. Those loads of wild animals(some pretty exotic) and ample supplies of variously trained gladiators don't just deliver themselves, you know; nor is building that much stadium seating with rocks and manual labor exactly trivial.(Never mind the 'let's flood the place and have a lethal naval battle' days, those are a huge pain.)

Sounds kind of like the Internet - millions of advances in science, engineering, commerce and logistics across the entire planet so individuals can get cat videos and porn on demand.

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