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Comment: Re:Apple is like... (Score 1) 307

by Kooty-Sentinel (#31905650) Attached to: Cross With the Platform
Audi/BMW do not prohibit you from using the car on roads though. Apple does not prohibit you from using jailbroken phones on the iTMS.

Sony does that with PSPs and Microsoft does that with XBoxes - but mostly for anti-cheat reasons. To put it in a car analogy, DOT prohibits illegal modifications from driving on public roads since they would hinder the safety of other drivers.

Comment: Re:Apple is like... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

by Kooty-Sentinel (#31894154) Attached to: Cross With the Platform

More like Audi/BMW putting a 250 km/h speed limiter on the car you just bought. Sure, you can go ahead and remove the limiter yourself, and why the hell not change the fuel mappings on the ECU while your at it? Audi/BMW will not support the modifications nor honor the warranty on your car, but there's nothing 'physically' stopping you from making the modifications. They are by no means obligated nor legally required to tell you how to circumvent their limitations and reverse engineer their software.

When an engine suddenly catches on fire doing 270 km/h+, or you suddenly loose control on the car, the last thing they want is for you to point the finger at them and say: "Well you technically allowed us to do this". They are just doing everything possible to cover their asses.

Look at Windows Mobile for a minute. Stock installs are actually quite decent. But when Joe Sixpack starts installing "Bubble Popper 2.0", and "FREE XXX PIX" on his phone, and the phone shits a brick, guess who takes the blame? Yeah, Microsoft and their "damn unreliable OS".

Comment: Re:Is this spectacular? (Score 4, Insightful) 70

by Kooty-Sentinel (#31436730) Attached to: Microsoft Shows Full 3D XNA Games On Windows Phone
I know this might be flamebait, but.
Java SUCKS for gaming. I wish both Java and Flash would disappear from gaming completely. Neither Java or Flash (excl. Shockwave) were built for gaming. Someone needs to come up with a multi-platform gaming dev platform - and as much as I hate Microsoft, kudos for giving it a shot.

Comment: Re:Flawed system. (Score 1) 108

by Kooty-Sentinel (#31242402) Attached to: NGO Networks In Haiti Cause Problems For ISPs
I think this is a little different than just giving out free clothes. It's more like someone coming into your clothing factory, using your machines which YOU paid for and manufacturing and giving away free clothes. Which hurts your business. Not saying their whining is right - I'm just saying I do get where they are coming from.

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