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Journal Journal: Bo Diddley dies 1

Well, it appears that we've lost another pioneer of modern music, Bo Diddley. RIP...Who Do You Love?

Journal Journal: Led Zeppelin to perform one off concert!! 2

"Apparently the long rumored Led Zeppelin reunion is going to happen. It will be a one off show with original members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bohnam (John's son) in tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, a co-founder of Atlantic Records who died recently. The website where you can register for a lottery for tickets has been crashing due to demand for the tickets. Apparently, Led Zeppelin, a group long defunct, can still have the power to 'slashdot' a website. Why not? They did recently set records for their DVD released a couple of years ago. Is there any group today that will have that kind of staying power? To add insult to injury to the somewhat already overloaded site, it is at

EDIT: Just confirmed story again on the website

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Journal Journal: The Greens! Watch for the Greens! 2

A chilling scenerio, to be sure... Ice Ages and scientific supression. All the ice you'd need, and nobody with the technology to make really good vodka. :( Still, this book with three authors covered all that and more. It's the best example, imo, of a reverse fanfiction - it's pros writing about fans. Name that reference.
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Journal Journal: Name that series! 3

Somebody said the Saint was a James Bond rip off. Sure, but the genre itself was being overused in that era. Far earlier, earlier even than Ian Fleming's stories, there was a superb example of the ultimate agent, with papers from governments giving him rights to find and stop bad guys. Name him (and for extra points, name his companions).
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Journal Journal: Forgotten References 10

This reference is to one of my all time favorite SF novels. And I had almost forgotten about it. I need to dig around and see if the author has released anything new.

Journal Journal: Flip around 2

Here is a reference with a twist. I'm not 100% sure where it's from. I think it might be a Simak or Bradbury radio play, possibly X Minus One. It's a common enough story (anybody remember the fun one in Isaac's Magazine about the metal cubes from Titan that evolve and are mail-order toys for kids with a chilling "Questions to ask" list at the end?).

So - how many 'Fungus take over people' stories can people come up with? Pods, or other things that replace the physical body, a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers, don't count. Mind control mushrooms, a 50's staple for awhile.

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Journal Journal: Scudder 6

Here we go, sorry about the lack of posts of late - I have two major projects I'm working on, and one is about to go Beta, meaning I've been working nearly 24 hours a day on it. Blearg.

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