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Comment: I love them (Score 2) 241

by Kokuyo (#47973523) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

I went from a Galaxy Note 2 to a HTC One Max. And then I went and put an Otterbox around the thing.

I carry it in my front pants pocket. It snags not more than any other rectangular deice (because it's always the corner that gets snagged by a fold) and I can actually use it to browse the web without unusable mobile versions of websites and without pinchzooming like a deranged person.

I don't have to carry a second device, either, that needs a daily recharge... I could have been talked into carrying a phone and actual tablet if, and only if, there was a Nokia 6210, with nothing more than phone, sms, contact list, 3G/4G and Wifi Hotspot/Tethering capabilities. But such a thing does not exist, at least not at a price that would make you better off buying a smartphone all the same.

I love the size... finally it doesn't feel like I have to pinch a teensy, tiny device between my not even that enormous fingers and be afraid of it slipping away. That's why I dig the Otterbox too, by the way. The HTC is so thin, I was constantly afraid of inadvertently flicking it through the room.

YMMV, but I love these things to death. If I could have had the HTC with full metal body and twice as thick (and therefore with a battery in the 6Ah range), I would have bought that instead.

Comment: Re:I'm so leet. (Score 2) 141

by Kokuyo (#47963467) Attached to: The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay'

Single points of failure aren't that much of a factor in virtual machines. If the hardware goes down, the VM is restarted elsewhere. If the machine dies, you copy it from backup... or have a copy on standby (which can be and often is the same thing). After all, there aren't many changes on a worker machine like that.

Not to forget, nothing stops you from clustering that shit from Microsoft's to Amazon's cloud.

Considering that I've never found TPB to be down when I needed it and haven't heard many complaints in that direction, I'd say their system works pretty well for them.

Comment: I'm confused (Score 1) 444

by Kokuyo (#47887281) Attached to: If Tesla Can Run Its Gigafactory On 100% Renewables, Why Can't Others?

How is the product relevant? Isn't it more about location? If you build a gigantic factory building, you can put all kinds of things on the roof. If you built in a location that has sun, wind and geothermal capabilities, how would your product influence whether you could go renewable?

Isn't it still about whether you can get your investment back and in what time-frame?

Comment: Re:Pft (Score 1) 962

by Kokuyo (#47513783) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Oh you mean as in:

Scenario 1:

Woman: "I'd like to fuck your brains out".
Society: "Isn't she forward... a bit of a whore, eh?"

Scenario 2:

Man: "I'd like to fuck your brains out".
Society: "Men... penile brain override activated."

Like that?

How's about we take these things with a bit of humor. Nobody who counts actually believes these stereotypes. Sure, even I am surprised to see a skilled IT pro that is female, because they're so rare, but that doesn't mean I expect women to be unable to be just that.

Can't we just stop being sensitive ballsacks about every little bit of political incorrectness?

Comment: Re:The crackpot cosmology "theory" Du Jour (Score 4, Interesting) 214

by Kokuyo (#47474649) Attached to: Cosmologists Show Negative Mass Could Exist In Our Universe

As I understood it with my very limited knowledge of physics, there are perceivable phenomena that did not quite make sense because it was an either/or situation.

In that case, Occam's Razor makes way for Sherlock Holmes' "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

A model that allows for more of the perceived phenomena than previous models must be taken under more scrutiny.

Comment: Re: People living in the polar regions (Score 2, Interesting) 567

by Kokuyo (#47348395) Attached to: Swedish Farmers Have Doubts About Climatologists and Climate Change

The problem is not their method or whether they publish it. I believe their methods are quite sound.

The real problem is two-fold: First, weather is an extremely complex process. I doubt that we understand enough of it to reliably predict what's going to happen if one or more factors change.
Second, as was said before, the data they have to work with is very young. And what they use to 'create' older data might or might not be very accurate.

I don't quite believe that we are able to say without a doubt whether this change we are seeing now is unnatural.

That said, prudence suggests that we limit our consumption and production of waste of any kind to a tolerable minimum. Even if climate change were not caused by us, that doesn't mean that we're not running out of resources.

Comment: Re:Exception to the rule? (Score 1) 137

by Kokuyo (#46658865) Attached to: Study: Exposure To Morning Sunlight Helps Managing Weight

I have lost 23 kilos. I know how it works. But at the time, I've had no job. I was sleeping whenever and as long as I wanted, on most days I didn't have to be anywhere.

Then I found another job. 10kg returned in no time.

I'm telling you, what makes me fat is job induced stress and there is just no way getting around that, unless I want to get out of IT (which, in turn, would bring a lot of anxiety with it).

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