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Comment Hint (Score 1) 56

So... would installing a wireless, GMS or even just bluetooth interface on all cars have cost more or less than recalling over 600k vehicles?

OTOH, unless you do it like Tesla, where internet access is part of the sale price, we'd have the same syndrome as with gaming consoles where software is released in a buggy state since it can be patched easily later on. With cars, that would not be a good thing.

Comment Eh... (Score 1) 143

Considering how much the US invested in a fighter plane that's barely usable, how much they invested in fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq... I don't know, seems 6 billion is a sum Obama regularly finds stuck between his couch cushions.

Also, my bicycle is less expensive than a Mercedes... but how the hell do I travel from one coast to the other without dying on the ruddy thing (be it of exhaustion or old age, I'll leave that for you to decide)? Seems to me there is a lot more to feasibility calculations beside initial cost.

Comment The answer is simple: (Score 1) 296

Get certs... they're not time consuming.

Oh, wait... You actually study for those? Most people don't. There's braindumps for that.

Any company who tries to judge my skill by my certs will turn me off the very instant I notice the behavior. Certs are there to get your company partner status. Nothing more.

It may be different in the states, but in my country, there aren't even many companies large enough to warrant even using the technology some of these cert tests are asking about. So that leaves you learning from the books... which are huge. On top of that, in the course they will always tell you about certain functions and that on the test you should answer wrongly, because that's what the manufacturer wants to hear.

Also, in my case I am the storage and virtualization guy. That means I oversee installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of four different SAN environments of two different vendors, at times three different hypervisors with multiple clusters and all the surrounding systems AND thus far two different backup solutions.

Do you think I have the time to study for a silly cert exam? Perhaps my attitude sucks, quite possibly, but I have yet to find an employer loyal enough to me to warrant doing these things in my free time. I am an above average employee as it is.

Also, when you get offered free Q&A sheets along your exam so you'll definitely pass, you know the system's rigged.

Comment Re:... continued (Score 1) 148

But that still implies that for highly precise operations, you'd need to build either a stepper motor with a lot of steps per revolution or you have to make absolutely sure that the frequenzy you apply is precise.

To my thinking, with such a gear ratio you'd need only a 11 millionth of the precision on the motor side to reach the same outcome or, converesely, you achieve 11 million times the precision of the motor you use. Of course, it would be really, really slow, but for tiny applications? You could attach a V8 and count the days to let it run in order to engrave your initials on a grain of rice, basically. That example, of course, is pretty useless, but I think applications could be found for this.

Comment Re:it could... (Score 1) 148

Unless I have an error in my understanding of physics, I don't see the main application in moving big weights or anything of the sort. I'm thinking of another thing: Precision.

I'm not really all that well versed in electric motors but isn't the precision of an electric motor dependent on how precise the bursts of current are applied to it? I am assuming that any electric motor has a set minimal step it must take... well, now you can up the precision by a factor of 11 million. Or you can use a much, much less sophisticated or less precise motor and still position your extruder to within a thousandth of a millimeter.

Again, I'm no engineer so I may be completely wrong here.

Comment Re:They are looking forward (Score 1) 409

Even with the sarcasm, why does this get modded interesting?

Also: Considering their neighbours, I can understand their desire for nuclear capabilities. And believe you me, the rest of the world can really understand the desire for the US to take their fat fingers out of one's own affairs. Considering the history between Iran and the US I'm willing to consider nuclear armament an apropriate measure of self-defense.

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