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Comment Re:net6501 (Score 1) 247

The summary said something about pitiful CPU and memory configurations in router hardware. I just went to the Soekris website... For that kind of money one builds passable gaming rigs not 1.6 GHz with 2 gigs of RAM.

Comment Re:State employees (Score 4, Insightful) 258

Still better to have high salary.
1. You earn more while it lasts
2. If you're worth the money, you'll be very safe in a well managed company.
3. If you're not worth your money, you shouldn't be paid said money.
4. If you're worth it and they fire you for it, it's a bad company and you shouldn't WANT to be working for them.
5. If there's a chance you'll lose everything without a job, your country is bad and you should help change that.

I know it's not as simple to pull off, but we're seeing now what happens if everyone just rolls over and licks boot at the threat of losing the job...

Comment Re:Addicts (Score 1) 274


First off, please use less emoticons... your posts look like they came from a hyperactive kid at an anime convention.

however, that's not what I'm sighing about. See, I was like you as a teenager. No alcohol, no tobacco and no drugs. You say you can have fun without these things? Great! Don't consume them. Don't get all "I'm better than thou" on us, because we can actually have fun BOTH ways. That makes us superior (at least mathematically).

I drinks .3l of beer per sitting and that occurs perhaps once a month. When I drink hard liquor, it's whiskey or rum beyond fifteen years of age, usually, and it's in the .02l range. Occurance perhaps once a month on average as well.

This evening I will be watching Star Wars and I'll be doing it with a beer or two in my belly. Why? Because that way, my brain will finally STFU about all that's going to be wrong with the movie. I'll just be able to enjoy it like back when I was a kid and didn't have all this knowledge of the real world, a keen eye for inconsistencies and expectations of quality.

Sometimes, shutting of some levels of mental acuity is a godsend! Sure, if you have to do it all the time, it's gonna be a problem. However, having 18 month old twins, I can tell you that there have been a few times where a beer has helped us go to sleep instead of thinking about giving em up for adoption.

I started smoking the pipe a few weeks ago for medicinal reasons. You heard me. Medicinal. I have ulcerative colitis and after suffering for two years tobacco gave me a big boost on the way to recovery. I smoke half a pipe about once a week.

These substances are tools. Used with caution and precision, they will enhance your life just as much as cooking your food does. If you only consume cheapo "industrial grade" products (such as frozen dinners or fast food), it's gonna be bad for you. However, the stress that you don't reduce by omitting drugs is gonna kill you too.

There is no winning when you try to live healthy.

Comment Why is this an issue? (Score 1) 235

In Switzerland, you are required by law to help if you see a person in danger. However, it is understood that you are to make sure that you can operate safely first. It makes no sense to go in with the best intentions only to produce a second victim for the firefighters to rescue.

Thinking that further, it is clear that your car cannot take responisibilty for other participants in traffic since it cannot control them. It will save your life at all cost. Now if the decision lies between possible injury of yourself and death of another, you WILL take a broken leg and cracked ribs.

Human nature dictates that self-preservation comes first. Nothing will ever change that on any kind of broad, fundamental level.

Comment Huh (Score 1) 23

I'm not quite sure I can feel as upbeat about a man who is at least partially responsible for landing MySQL in the hands of Oracle. You know that same company that tries to slip you the Yahoo whenever you install Java.

Not to mension the milking of customers that they do whenever they change their licensing racket.

Comment Re: Introduction (Score 1) 207

I think you and a lot of others are missing the point. They are not doing this to fix all model S cars out there. They are doing this to find out, whether other cars even have a problem there and to finally find out what it might be.

Tesla doesn't even know yet whether there is a problem worthy of a recall and yet they are not willing to wait for another belt to come undone, which might never even happen. They don't jeopardize their customers life and proactively do a recall.

That's what's special about this situation. If I recall, GM had to be dragged by the ear to fix a problem they knew about when they delivered their cars and even after loss of life.

I'm not saying Tesla is praiseworthy for doing the right thing. However just by following minimal standards of ethics, they managed to set themselves apart. This news casts shame on a lot of their competition...

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 3, Interesting) 378

And this is different on earth? You never know what situation you'll find if you have to flee a place. On the contrary, there is evidence that humans can be better at living together despite differences when there is no alternative.

Offspring can always find a reason to blame the parents if something goes wrong.

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