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Comment: Re:This is great (Score 1) 104

by Kohlrabi82 (#49627307) Attached to: GOG Announces Open Beta For New Game Distribution Platform

One insane "feature" of GOG is that you get game updates for Linux only by downloading the whole installer again, while the other two platforms get incremental patches*. I really hope that GOG Galaxy fixes that, I'm fed up with constantly redownloading Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity.

* yes, I know there are fan-made incremental patches for Linux, but this really should be a core functionality in GOG itself.

+ - Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The first release candidate of Linux 4.1 has been released, Linus noted, "The merge window is pretty normal in terms of what got merged too. Just eyeballing the size, it looks like this is going to fit right in — while 4.0 was a bit smaller than usual, 4.1 seems to be smack dab in the middle of the normal range for the last couple of years." There are numerous new features in Linux 4.1 like Xbox One controller force feedback support, better Wacom tablet support, Intel Atom SoC performance improvements, Radeon DisplayPort MST support, EXT4 file-system encryption, ChromeOS Lightbar support, and ACPI for 64-bit ARM, among other additions. However, KDBUS wasn't accepted for Linux 4.1.
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+ - Acer wants to be "last man standing" in PCs->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Acer used a New York press conference last week to unveil more than 40 new products, as it seeks to move from "stabilisation mode" and back to growth. Chief executive Jason Chen said he wants to company to be "the last man standing" in the PC sector, although admitting it won’t be an easy task with all five major vendors in the sector proving to be "survivors". Market conditions won’t make it easy for Acer, or any PC maker, to gain ground in the year ahead, with the high foreign exchange rate dulling consumer sentiment, and the coming Windows 10 launch set to bring disruption before, hopefully, providing an upturn in PC sales. In the PC market, Acer's "next big thing" is to get its gaming initiative going. ""To be loved we need emotions and gaming is the Formula 1 of the PC industry," said pan-Asia Pacific president Oliver Ahrens.
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Comment: Not even trying (Score 1) 304

by Kohlrabi82 (#49549849) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

They are not even trying to compete with the major torrent trackers/piracy sites anymore. Instead of massively reducing pricing and DRM the media industry is putting up even more hurdles. If I buy a movie, I want to be able to play it on any device I own, at any time I want, and I want the right to make backup. Also I need to be able to downconvert it to lower resolutions to play it on lowlier devices. Nothing that is possible with DRM-infested media, and all of that is possible with pirated movies. They finally need to understand that piracy will stay, and treat it as competion.

+ - Business Schools are Gutting the Economy

Submitted by Desert Leap
Desert Leap writes: I was taught there are three ways to create wealth: grow it, mine it or manufacture it. Bankers take wealth in exchange for financial services; they redistribute wealth but do not create it. So, it should come as no surprise that business schools (a.k.a. banker factories) actually inhibit productivity growth.

Comment: Re:How to slow America down (Score 1) 254

by Kohlrabi82 (#49045501) Attached to: What Intel's $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means

You can notice that all across western societies. People who are actually productive and produce value for companies are paid less and are laid off, while at the mean time management, bureaucrat and "soft skill" jobs are on the rise. In the end you will have half of companies consisting of people discussing amongst themselves but unable to produce a screwdriver.

Comment: Re:Somethig wrong with that (Score 2) 254

by Kohlrabi82 (#49045467) Attached to: What Intel's $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means

What social justice warriors get wrong is that they say that diversity is the ultimate goal, and everything else must bow to that. They think that diversity is an aim and not a symptom. But what does "improving" diversity mean? There might as well be people who argue that less diversity is an improvement. So SJW have already pre-decided what the "best" outcome without using any form of metric other than the ratio of men to women.

Comment: Obviously (Score 5, Funny) 200

by Kohlrabi82 (#48980619) Attached to: Too Much Exercise May Not Be Better Than a Sedentary Lifestyle

To quote Stephen Fry:

"Of course 'too much' bad for you. 'Too much' of anything is bad for you, you blithering twat. That's what 'too much' means. 'Too much' water would be bad for you. Obviously 'too much' is precisely that quantity which is excessive. That's what it means. Jesus!"

Open Source

Gender and Tenure Diversity In GitHub Teams Relate To Higher Productivity 106

Posted by Soulskill
from the bad-news-for-my-clone-army dept.
New submitter Bogdan Vasilescu writes: Diversity in teams is a double-edged sword. Increased team diversity results in more varied backgrounds and ideas, providing the team with access to broader information, enhanced creativity, adaptability, and problem solving skills. However, due to greater perceived differences in values, norms, and communication styles in more diverse teams, members become more likely to engage in stereotyping, cliquishness, and conflict.

In a recent study, researchers from University of California, Davis and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands have analyzed the effects of gender and tenure diversity on productivity and turnover for more than 23,000 open-source projects on GitHub. Using regression modeling, they showed that after controlling for team size and other confounds (such as a project's age, development model, or amount of social activity), both gender and tenure diversity are positive and significant predictors of productivity, together explaining a small but significant fraction of the data variability. On an economic and societal scale, these findings suggest that added investments in educational and professional training efforts and outreach for female programmers will likely result in added overall value.

The paper describing the results (preprint PDF here) will be presented at the prestigious ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, in Seoul, South Korea, in April 2015.

Comment: Re:And 1...2...3... (Score 1) 433

by Kohlrabi82 (#48599081) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

It's not about math, but about honesty. First of all, we "math junkies" don't say there is proof that there is no audible difference. That is useless null hypothesis. What we're saying is that the burden of proof is upon those who claim that they can hear a difference. And the mere statement "I can hear it, it's obvious" is also not in any way sufficient, because the currently used method to assess these kind of perceptual questions are double blind tests. If you're unwilling to conduct an honest and scientific tests you're not necessarily a liar, but at least dishonest.

On the other hand it is well known that the placebo effect exists in medicine, so it is not unexpected that it exists in audio too. The amount of people affetced by placebo in audio seems to increase with age and audio equipment cost. It also seems to be correlated with the aforementioned "dishonest" people.

What people like you hear is that the actual released records sound diferent on CD and Vinyl, and that is because of different mastering practices, especially the fact that CDs can be made much louder because the playback system is not inherently flawed w.r.t high peak amplitudes like a Vinyl turntable.

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