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Comment Sense of responsibility (Score 2) 479

What's the point of having managers if they don't take responsibilty? My impression always was that upper management gets paid big bucks because their main job is to take responsibility for the company, in good AND bad times. It's bad enough that a lot of managers just leave like a whipped dog when the slightest problem arises, but not taking responsibility for your company's strategy and staff while in cahrge is another level.

Comment Brakes aren't the issue, drivers are (Score 1) 451

Automatic emergency braking includes a range of systems designed to address the large number of crashes, especially rear-end crashes, in which drivers do not apply the brakes or fail to apply sufficient braking power to avoid or mitigate a crash.

From my experience on german highways most dangerous situations arise because drivers don't keep enough distance between vehicles. Emergency brakes will certainly help with that, but what's really needed is proper training of drivers, and more careful driving.

Comment AMIGA OS (Score 1) 354

You're missing the elephant in the room. A wide-spread computer in the mid 80s (at least here in Germany) was the AMIGA, and with it AMIGA OS. I was able to somewhat "use" it being less than 10 years old.

Comment Re:Ummmmmm (Score 1) 81

I've encountered things like this a number of additional times with psychology/sociology/behavioral researchers. Their grasp of computer technology is so poor that their studies are extremely flawed because they don't understand the tools they are using.

Yet the same people clamor about hiring practices in STEM fields, and study choices by women, without having any clear understanding how scince or technology work, themselves. Dunning-Kruger at its finest.

Comment Two obvious reasons (Score 1) 414

You can look very busy having to deal with all the overhead and boilerplate to get trivial stuff done in Java. Programmers will feel needed and busy, while the superiors can avoid being bombarded by tasks, because everything takes ages.

Another good reason is that non-programmers have very weird metrics for productivity. I remember studies being linked here on /. that measured a programmers productivity by the amount of lines comitted to github projects. This of course makes Java an inherently more productive language than languages where you can simply get shit done.

Comment Re:This is great (Score 1) 104

One insane "feature" of GOG is that you get game updates for Linux only by downloading the whole installer again, while the other two platforms get incremental patches*. I really hope that GOG Galaxy fixes that, I'm fed up with constantly redownloading Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity.

* yes, I know there are fan-made incremental patches for Linux, but this really should be a core functionality in GOG itself.

Submission + - Acer wants to be "last man standing" in PCs (

An anonymous reader writes: Acer used a New York press conference last week to unveil more than 40 new products, as it seeks to move from "stabilisation mode" and back to growth. Chief executive Jason Chen said he wants to company to be "the last man standing" in the PC sector, although admitting it won’t be an easy task with all five major vendors in the sector proving to be "survivors". Market conditions won’t make it easy for Acer, or any PC maker, to gain ground in the year ahead, with the high foreign exchange rate dulling consumer sentiment, and the coming Windows 10 launch set to bring disruption before, hopefully, providing an upturn in PC sales. In the PC market, Acer's "next big thing" is to get its gaming initiative going. ""To be loved we need emotions and gaming is the Formula 1 of the PC industry," said pan-Asia Pacific president Oliver Ahrens.

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