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+ - Lenovo Announces Grand Opening of US Manufacturing Facility-> 1

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Kohenkatz (1166461) writes "Chinese PC maker Lenovo had a ceremony today to mark the official grand opening of their new manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. The 240,000-square-foot facility, located approximately 10 miles east of Greensboro, NC, was already being used as a Logistics Center, Customer Solutions Center, and National Returns Center, and is now also being used for Production. While actual line operations began in January 2013, the facility is on track to reach full operation by the end of June. The facility is equipped to build several types of Think-branded products, including desktops, tablets, and ultrabooks. Note that due to the extensive use of automation, the factory only adds 115 manufacturing jobs at the facility."
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+ - New Cloud Storage Provider Tresorit Offers 10,000 USD for Cracking Encryption->

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Kohenkatz (1166461) writes "One of the major complaints about storing data "in the cloud" is the security of the data if the service provider is compromised. New provider Tresorit hopes to attract customers worried about their data by offering data encryption done only on the client. In order to promote this new service and to test its security, Tresorit is running a series of challenges for people to test the security of the service. The first contest, cracking the client-side encryption, opens on April 15."
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+ - Passwords Possibly Leaked->

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Kohenkatz (1166461) writes "I received an email from today warning me to change my password. The full text of the message is also at It's nice to see a company being proactive about a possible breach.

It would have been nicer if they had given some technical details about their security practices though."

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Comment: Re:Visual Studio is decent, nothing more (Score 1) 177

by Kohenkatz (#39504051) Attached to: Microsoft Releases ASP.NET MVC Under the Apache License

Ever have to chase down an issue running PHP with IIS? It used to be a snap with 5. 6 made it more difficult. 7 made it impossible, if you were able to get the non-MS platform to work with it at all.

Funny you should say that. It has never been easier to get PHP running than it is on IIS 7. Two clicks in the Web Platform Installer and you have a working PHP installation. Three more clicks in IIS Manager and you have a working, and pretty well-configured, PHP installation. Need to run two versions of PHP for different sites on the same server? Guess what? It's just a few more clicks. Enable and Disable PHP extensions? One click. Since we updated to IIS 7.5 (Server 2008 R2) from IIS 5 (Server 2K), we have moved several sites running on old LAMP servers over to three Windows Servers and have had no trouble at all with any of the PHP installations or any of the site migrations. It is true that it is now harder to install PHP by hand in IIS - but it makes no sense to do it that way anymore.

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by Kohenkatz (#39192257) Attached to: Rearview Car Cameras Likely Mandated By 2014
Most configurations of the Toyota Sienna minivan now have the backup camera standard and the price has not increased significantly from the last model-year that offered it only as an option. This indicates that the price difference in other vehicles is much more of a "convenience charge" than the cost of the system. If it is in every vehicle, there will be no added convenience and therefore nothing to charge for.

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I measured average response time for a range of single-client single-connection to 3 clients, 10 connections each. There were no significant changes to the setup except Apache. Yes, I know it is entirely unscientific. No, it does not represent real-world traffic for the publicly accessible server. It's still a good indicator of improvement.

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