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Comment Re:Context On the Issue (Score 2, Insightful) 380

Fiendish villainy! How should we punish these monsters!!!? Won't someone think of the children!!!??

Also, I have this 14-step procedure that they should have thought of in advance to avoid this problem....of enabling 3rd party "repairs". Because why wouldn't a company want to spend a huge amount of time to enable their competitors? Because they're monsters. That's the only explanation.

And they're even more villainous for "lying" to everyone. They said only good things about their products. Why didn't they pay for TV advertisements to tell us all the potential bad things that could happen? Because they hate you and your mom and want her phone to fail when rapists are breaking into her house. No way could there be anything else going on.

The class action lawsuit starts now! No one should ever be allowed to make a secure product like this. Or to say good things about it without imagining and communicating all the possible bad things. Or to ever have one of their products fail in any way, regardless of who opens it up and tinkers with the parts inside.

The internet has spoken.

Comment World's most everything for its size (Score 3, Insightful) 179

...have enabled researchers to publish a paper on a prototype ARC that would be the world's smallest fusion reactor but with the greatest magnetic force and energy output for its size.

The world's smallest or largest [anything] will tend to have the most [any characteristic] and the least [any characteristic] for it's size.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1822

Did any other Linux kernel developers ever quit? Maybe because they felt bad about how they were treated? Was it news at the time? Why not?

If you can explain why it's news, then I can explain why it's only news because some people have an agenda to divide people and promote an attack against one side. If you want to claim ignorance, then no one can explain anything because it's all a big unknowable mystery.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1822

If you think pointing out some examples of poisonous, exclusive behaviour is attacking all men, I don't think you being shielded from such staggering truths will help you. Seriously. You seem to be incredibly defensive about this. I'm a guy in technology, and I've seen some terrible behaviour, but I know that not everyone in technology (regardless of gender) is responsible. If you figured that out, your life would probably be a lot more enjoyable.

No one was poisoned. Please stop exaggerating and use truthful descriptive words. Thanks.

Comment Re:News For Nerds Who Never Left Mom's Basement (Score 1) 1822

I don't think there will be very many specific news stories about gender issues. Are women working at Google getting raped? I don't think so. So we end up talking about someone's hurt feelings and about "microaggressions" because there's nothing of genuine substance to talk about.

If Slashdot stuck to reporting genuine news about gender issues in tech, we'd see a few stories a year about it. That would be good.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1822

Yeah, some religious people are assholes about it. Just like some anti-religious people are assholes about it. People should stop being such assholes.

Slashdot shouldn't cater to assholishness in general. There are ways to report news that respect even disagreeable views. But you can also report news as "Look at what these [insert slur here] people are doing now". If Slashdot doesn't want to become the Stormfront for the Science! crowd (clan?), they should choose their communications style accordingly.

"Look at what these [people who are not like us] are doing now" is an uncivilized and divisive way to report on any topic. Slashdot shouldn't use that tone. No one should.

Comment Re:News For Nerds Who Never Left Mom's Basement (Score 1, Insightful) 1822

You could ignore "gender issues in tech" as a generalized broad-brush complaint against (or attack on) everyone in tech with a specific anatomy.

If you wanted to post specific articles about specific events, specific places, and specific people, instead of generalized "gender issues" complaining, then that would be something called "News".

Comment Re:three suggestions (Score 1) 1822

Yeah. No clickbait headlines. Editors should at least understand bullshit manipulated statistics. If it seems high, it's probably some form of manipulated bullshit.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there'd be enough news let tover to make for a viable website if you filtered out the bullshit manipulations and exaggerations.

Consider at least marking this stuff: "CDC: 1 in 10 Adult Deaths (?) in the U.S. Caused by Excessive Drinking"

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1822

Yes. These topics are ok occasionally, as part of a balanced approach that allows for all sides. Nothing wrong with open discussion. Dice-Slashdot seemed crazy-obsessed and absolutely adamant that we hear one perspective constantly, endlessly, exclusively.

Also, tone down the anti-religious bigotry (and the dog whistles) on Science! topics. I get it, you disagree with religious people. So do I sometimes. But endorsing bigotry, and being an asshole generally, is uncivilized. You don't want Slashdot to be the Science! version of Stormfront, do you?

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