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Comment: Let's hear it for continual software development (Score 1) 531

by golem100 (#46383883) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

Directory Opus. Five major releases on the Amiga; now at release 10.x on Windows.

If you have to use a PC running Microsoft Windows; it is at least nice to have the Linus blanket of a *working*, highly multi-threaded, File Manager written by a competent programmer!

Comment: He's busting 'em up! (Mr Data) (Score 2) 412

by Announcer (#46156281) Attached to: Audience Jeers Contestant Who Uses Game Theory To Win At 'Jeopardy'

I couldn't pass this one up... Remember when Mr Data played Kolrami, the galaxy's greatest Stratgema player... and how instead of seeking to win, sought to keep the game going indefinitely? :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... (The game scene is at the halfway mark.)

"He busted him up!" ;)

Comment: Re:Footshooting... (Score 1) 579

by Announcer (#45791171) Attached to: Utilities Fight Back Against Solar Energy

I could see lawsuits (class-action) if they try to outright ban homeowners from installing DC power systems in their homes. I doubt they could ever do that.

Making a direct back-feed connection to the Grid illegal? They can most likely pull that off... for a time. An act of Congress could be forthcoming to change that, too. (Remember the old Ma Bell, where you couldn't connect ANYTHING user-owned to their network?)

+ - Laptop destroyed by excessive airport x-rays?

Submitted by Announcer
Announcer (816755) writes "I have traveled many times with my old workhorse Thinkpad, and never had any problems until Saturday, 11/30/13 in Charlotte, NC. They scanned my computer repeatedly, holding it in the x-ray machine for more than a minute, changing views, etc. When I got home and tried to use it, the CMOS memory was scrambled and now has a lockout password, where none existed before. (Cannot clear it. Already tried.) Has anyone else had their computer hardware damaged by excessive x-ray scans? They also destroyed not one, but TWO PCMCIA WiFi cards. (They no longer detect any signals.) It was all packed securely, and I carried it on, so it was not mishandled. I sent an e-mail to the airport. I await a response. What does the Collective of Slashdot suggest? (Besides replacing the computer. I already know that.)"

Comment: Cloud-based OCR? Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 61

by Announcer (#44783717) Attached to: Austrian Professor Creates Kindle E-Book Copier With Lego Mindstorms

OK, how long will it take until the DRM running on the "cloud" OCR provider recognizes what's going on, and puts a stop to this? The Mac should be capable of running a local OCR. What happens at home stays at home... what happens "in the cloud" is everyone's business.

Overall, this would be a cool thing to set up... start it, go to work, then come home and have the whole book on your laptop. Just get rid of the "cloud middleman".

Comment: Re:WEB hosting isn't expensive (Score 1) 301

by Announcer (#44674161) Attached to: EFF Slams Google Fiber For Banning Servers On Its Network

This post was voted "troll"? Good grief, all I did was ask an honest question! I did NOT intend this as a troll.

My definition of "server" in the context of this post was a WWW server that would be hosting multiple page sites, possibly even leasing space to others. Obviously, that definition is different than some people's.

The idea of it being a completely PRIVATE "server" where one logs in to control devices in their homes didn't occur to me.

So, if that was worth wasting Mod points to vote "troll" so be it. They're YOUR Mod points. Waste them if you wish.

Comment: WEB hosting isn't expensive (Score 0, Troll) 301

by Announcer (#44559409) Attached to: EFF Slams Google Fiber For Banning Servers On Its Network

Why run a WWW server at home, when you can use a hosting service for as little as $4 per month? Why not let someone else worry about installing patches to the OS, and keeping the hackers/bots at bay 24/7? I have several sites on several domains, and it's only $100 a year. IMHO, that's far more worthwhile than having to keep constant vigilance over my own hardware.


Aaron Swartz Prosecution Team Claims Online Harassment 429

Posted by timothy
from the dogma-meets-karma dept.
twoheadedboy writes "Members of the legal team responsible for prosecution of Aaron Swartz have claimed they received threatening letters and emails, and some had their social network accounts hacked, following the suicide of the Internet freedom activist. Following Swartz's death, his family and friends widely lambasted the prosecution team, who were accused of being heavy-handed in their pursuit of the 26-year-old. He was facing trial for alleged copyright infringement, accused of downloading excessive amounts of material from the academic article resource JSTOR. U.S. attorney for Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz, who headed up the prosecution, and another lead prosecutor, Stephen Heymann, have reportedly become the target of 'harassing and threatening messages,' and their personal information, including home address, personal telephone number, and the names of family members and friends, was posted online. Heymann also received a postcard with a picture of his father's head in a guillotine."

Comment: Sorry, Mobile Site is not acceptable (Score 1) 384

by golem100 (#42810269) Attached to: Experience the New Slashdot Mobile Site

I'm sorry, I realize that somebody spent a lot of effort and thought they were doing something really cool; however I have to give the mobile site a "fail".

Its page loading and scrolling performance is not acceptable in any of the Browsers on my dual-core phone: Opera, Dolphin, FireFox, Chrome--it feels high-latency: bloated and clunky. [...sort of like the type of user interaction expectations I would have from a Word Processor written in VisualAda.NET!]


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