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Researchers Reprogram Voting Machine To Run Pac-man 132 132

Philom writes "Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that electronic voting machines can be reprogrammed to steal votes, so when researchers Alex Halderman and Ari Feldman got their hands on a machine called the Sequoia AVC Edge, they decided to do something different: they reprogrammed it to run Pac-Man. As states move away from insecure electronic voting, there's a risk that discarded machines will clog our landfills. Fortunately, these results show that voting machines can be recycled to provide countless hours of entertainment."

Comment Re:I'm neither for or against Microsoft, but as a (Score 1) 291 291

My company has switched us over to Gmail from our exchange server. The client we used for our email, Pegasus, was a bear when it came to large files, and by large I mean 512kb plus. It would halt our computers till the file finished downloading. Due to the nature of my job in particular I receive larger files 3mb + on a fairly regular basis, for me using Pegasus was quite frustrating. The move over to gmail and google docs has been a delight. If I have a large file, I don't have to email it, just send a share request for others who need access to it. Over all I think it's a nice idea, but as mentioned, what happens when google sells out...

Comment Re:But unfortunately... (Score 2, Interesting) 189 189

I don't see this as totally true. My one cousin was born in August of 1990 and she keeps hounding me when we are going to be playing D&D again. Granted it started with me running games with her brother and his friends when they were in high school. She's been playing since she was around 10 and has a very good imagination. However I am not saying that all this cgi and special effects won't hurt others of that generation but I know when I have kids, it will not be the case. Also my friends kids, when old enough will involved in our gaming, that is as long as we are still playing, despite his wife's best effort to squash our little group just because, and I quote, "I don't get it."

Comment Re:Shadowrun (Score 1) 1120 1120

To bring back shadowrun it needs to be an mmorpg with a single player option. I've played WoW and CoH/CoV and gotten extremely bored after 2 months. Shadowrun has always been a favorite for me, on gensis or table top. If it were done right as a mmo, where you could customize your character anyway, ie I could start out as a street sam for a while, achieve whatever wealth and possessions I want, but later on decide that I want to be a fence and buy and sell things. If this were the case, I'd probably get fired from work for not coming in...

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