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Comment Amen (Score 1) 38

I have been trying to get off pine/alpine for years. But everytime I try to go with mutt, I give up for all the work and custom configuration required.
I would like to have a text-based mail reader that will do IMAPS, SMTPS, GPG, address book, mbox, maildir, message searching, etc, while making configuration manageable.
I can dream right?

Comment Windows '95 ! (Score 1) 136

In 1995 I bought a new PC and installed "Windows 95" on it. I was so excited to have a brand new system.
OMG, what a giant steaming pile of shit it was! Windows 95 was completely unusable.
A nerdy grad student friend of mine suggested trying Linux, and having used a number of commercial unixes, I was very skeptical. How could something free be worthwhile? But I tried it. It was just as good as my DEC Unix workstation! It was rock solid!
At that time I swore that I would never use Microsoft software on my systems again. Thank you, Microsoft.

Comment But this is California, so of course it's stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 135

but they set exposure limits for a reason.

These are based on "exposure limits" set by the state of California. California requires warnings about metal concentrations on virutally ALL FOOD, making these warnings stupid and useless. Read the related links and you will learn something.

Comment That's ignorant. (Score 0) 216

The majority of Linux users don't use or need the remote features of X.

Unix/X/Linux/etc. got to where it is today by offering powerful tools that other systems did not. Seamless remote display technology is one of those tools. Just because there are a large number of ignorant people in the world who have started using computers is a poor reason for jettisoning powerful tools.

We don't have framebuffers and fixed frequency monitors anymore either.

Really? There are no display buffers in your computer any more?
Actually modern monitors are more fixed than ever before. LCD displays have fixed pixels, and if you run them at any resolution other than the intended resolution, they look terrible. Only software rendering can make image scaling bearable.

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