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+ - T-Cells may help prevent Organ rejection.-> 1

Submitted by Klootzak
Klootzak (824076) writes "Scientists working at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have potentially made a discovery that could help prevent Organ rejection in transplant patients.

The Research involved genetically engineering Mice to increase levels of the BAFF (B-Cell activating factor), which is utilised by the immune system to generate B-Cells (which produce antibodies). The Scientists subsequently observed that the Immune System of the Mice with the increased hormone level would alter the bodies response to cells that were not marked "self", by increasing the amount of "T" regulatory cells which are used by the body to suppress T-Cell activity (T-Cells are the body's "Killer" cells). It was also noted that the altered response did not seem to relate to a defect in the T-Cells themselves.

This discovery may lead to improved success rates in organ transplant patients by reducing the need for patients to be given immunosuppressive drugs which can sometimes have toxic affects and also prevent the body from fighting normal pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Further Technical Detail can be found in the Journal of Immunology."

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+ - Aussie Students work used to Scam NASA and US Gov.->

Submitted by Klootzak
Klootzak (824076) writes "Here's a particularly interesting story I read this morning, relevant to the recent discussions on Slashdot regarding Universities (and others) stealing student ideas...

Work from Assignments and Theses done by students studying at the University of Wollongong were used by a US Corporation to scam funding grants from NASA and the US Government.
Dr Samandi (who worked for the firm) claims he was threatened with deportation unless he played along with the deception.
According to Dr Samandi's statement to the US District Court in Tuson "the depicted system was actually a photograph of a system created by Samandi at the University of Wollongong in Australia and was still located at that institution at the time of the proposal".
The original article from The Age contains more detail."

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+ - 100+ years on, Einstein's still being proven right->

Submitted by Klootzak
Klootzak (824076) writes "103 years after he proposed the Mass-energy equivilence formula Einstein's theory has finally been proven.

The famous E=mc2 equation has long been considered "common knowledge", however it's only been proven recently by French, German and Hungarian Physicists utilizing some of the worlds most powerful supercomputers. This research has now proved the effects of both the E=mc2 formula and time dilation which were hypothesised in Einstin's theory of relativity."

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The Media

+ - iiNet sued 'for allowing piracy'.->

Submitted by Klootzak
Klootzak (824076) writes "iiNet — the ISP mentioned in the "ridiculous trials" of Australian's Net Filter is being sued 'for allowing piracy'.

Peter Coroneos (Chief executive of the Internet Industry Association) is quoted saying: "This is a very important test case for the internet industry in Australia, It will test the effect of the safe harbour provisions that were introduced with the US free trade agreement, which provides immunity for ISPs in certain circumstances such as transmission, hosting, caching and referencing activities."

Lets hope this doesn't affect iiNet's ability to discredit the Government's trial of the Net Filter. (Incidentally, Kudos to Asher Moses of The Age for some good journalism — he also wrote the original "ridiculous trials" article)."

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+ - Largest Aussie ISP agrees to "ridiculous trial->

Submitted by Klootzak
Klootzak (824076) writes "Michael Malone, head of Australia's largest ISP iiNet announced today that his company would sign up to the Government's live trials of the Great Firewall of Australia. In an Article published by The Age Mr Malone is quoted calling Stephen Conroy "The worst Communications Minister we've had in the 15 years since the [internet] industry has existed."

Despite at first giving the impression that iiNet is rolling over like a good Government puppy the article quotes Mr Malone saying that the reasons for participating in this trial is to show how unfeasible and stupid it is — Quoted from the article: "Every time a kid manages to get through this filter, we'll be publicizing it and every time it blocks legitimate content, we'll be publicizing it."

Lets hope that in typical fashion of Government-instigated Internet-Filtering that this stupid idea is just as useless, inefficient and ineffectual as the last one, and that the Australian Government realizes this before wasting more taxpayer dollars on it (seeing as the first attempt only cost taxpayers $84,000,000)."

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