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Comment: One thing Swift will address... (Score 1) 67

by tlambert (#47916599) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

One thing Swift will address... There are currently 3 memory management models in use in Objective-C, and for some of those models, you don't get a retain count automatically (for example, this is the case for a number of collection objects when doing an insertion).

Swift has the opportunity to rationalize this, which is not something you could do with the Objective-C libraries themselves, since doing so would change historical APIs and thus break old code.

It wasn't really until Metrowerks basically became incompatible with the Intel switchover and the 64 bit support had to drop certain types of support from Finder due to 64 bit inode numbers, and while I happily would have made them new header files so that they would have continued to work with the UNIX Conformance work, where Ed Moy and I basically broke their local private copies of their header files, since Motorola sold off the Intel version of the Metrowerks C the week because Apple announced Intel, it was pretty much DOA at that point.

So it basically took an Act Of God to get some people to get the hell off some of the old APIs we had been dooming and glooming about for half a decade.

Swift is another opportunity for that type of intentional non-exposure obsolescence to clean up the crappy parts of the APIs and language bindings that haven't been cleaned up previously due to people hanging onto them with their cold, dead hands. Hopefully, they will advantage themselves of this opportunity.

Comment: Re:Spoiler (Score 1) 138

by dpilot (#47914369) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

This presumes that people regularly leave the tower, or at least the upper floors of the tower. Science fiction has plengy of examples where Elvis may never leave the building. Probably not workable in today's society, but what if everything needed for daily life could be reached within a few floors.

Think in terms of the arcologies in "Oath of Fealty".

Comment: Re:This may be the way to escape from Comcast (Score 1) 379

by DigiShaman (#47909663) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Back when worked at Time Warner, we never charged for a truck roll that I'm aware of. Not unless you did something stupid like cut the main line to the house with a garden tool, or you request an additional outlet to be installed in the wall.

While I don' know, I'm pretty sure they're no fee in swapping the box out in person if the TSR agent states it's ok to do based on a technical issue. But for a truck to drive a box and install it to your home, yes, I can understand the delivery and setup charge. Now if a squirrel chewed through an overhead coax line, well that's their problem, not the subscriber's.

Comment: Re:So-to-speak legal (Score 1) 379

by DigiShaman (#47909325) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Since when does the Executive and Legislative branch give a damn about your constitutional rights?! Half of SCOTUS plays with it like jujitsu; bending and contorting its meaning to service some living-breating "modern times meaning" BS.

1rst amendment? You wacko! Don't have such thoughts.

Comment: Re:So-to-speak legal (Score 1) 379

by DigiShaman (#47909293) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Sure, agreed. But there is a major difference. Once is screwing you over on how you would like to use the connection you paid for. The other does it for political reasons, and at the behest of their corporate masters.

Democracy?? Please, we have a plutocracy now. One poison is worst than the other.

Comment: Re:So-to-speak legal (Score 0, Troll) 379

by DigiShaman (#47907737) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Into the frying pan, into the fire. You really want the Internet to be a "utility". Oh, that sounds all nice until Big Government starts regulating all sorts of shit. The first to go will be anonymous activity under the guise of "homeland security". In reality, to stifle political free speech and may *you* fear pissing off the opposition.

Be damn careful what you wish for. Be DAMN CAREFUL!!!!

Comment: Re:This may be the way to escape from Comcast (Score 5, Funny) 379

by DigiShaman (#47907687) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

I'm sure they'll come up with some BS term. Something like "Active services suspension" Yeah, that's it!

"Sir, we've placed a hold on your active account. You're still a valuable customer, and will be billed as such, but your connection has been disconnected" We will re-enable the connection when you agree and signed a form stating you will stop using Tor. Good day"

Brilliant. I make for such an evil villain!

Comment: Re:It's not your phone (Score -1) 562

I'm no fan of Apple but this is a storm in a molehill.

Agreed, but then again you probably don't fall in two the two groups that either find this offensive, or unfair.

1. The progressive liberals types that typically purchase Apple products over Android.
2. The entire music industry.

Both groups are very vocal, hence why it's "news". Now I could give a flying fuck about #1, in fact, they can suffer while I snort my morning coffee in laughter :). But I really feel for #2. This blatant favoritism on display when the music industry is ostensibly forced into the DLC paradigm. FYI I'm not a fan or a foe of U2.

+ - diaspora* version released-> 1

Submitted by jaywink
jaywink (3824665) writes "A new diaspora* version is out. It includes a lot of pages ported to Bootstrap, many bug fixes and small enhancements. Also included is a Terms of Service -feature for podmins. Diaspora* is an open source social networking server that joins all running pods into one big decentralized social network."
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Comment: Saw it at the Smithsonian a few years ago (Score 5, Informative) 95

by dpilot (#47901817) Attached to: Original 11' <em>Star Trek Enterprise</em> Model Being Restored Again

We took the family to DC for a vacation, and of course one of the things I had to see was Smithsonian Air and Space. I didn't know that the original Enterprise model was there, and was surprised to see it on the lower floor.

The next surprise was that the model was never finished. One side had all of the lights, striping, and everything. The other side had a little striping, and was otherwise pretty much blank. I remembered reading that in one of those books, and how all shots were of the finished side, or mirrored in post-processing.

Comment: Re:Good episode of Frontline (Score 1) 119

by DigiShaman (#47900067) Attached to: US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola

So I finished watching it. I had no idea is was that contagious just from exposure to the skin alone. If this thing becomes airborne, half the human population could be wiped out! Society collapse's from lost industrial specialization, and civil war / revolutions breakout all over the globe.

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