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Comment Even better: Let recruiters PAY you to find a job! (Score 1) 2

The whole thing is a sales pitch for a new site called June where you get paid to listen to pitches from recruiters trying to fill positions. With the extra perk of trying to build some Uber-like accountability into the process.

But this might be a good sales pitch. Too bad they didn't pay me to read it. But I'm guardedly optimistic, might actually pay attention to them once they get the thing launched.

Comment Stink (Score 1) 1

It might not smile, but it sure does stink!

You shouldn't poop in Windows anyway, that's rude.

Thousands of year ago, could anyone imagine poop that would spy on you and report your actions to the king?

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

And most people have no idea what "anthropogenic" means either, so sticking "A" in front of AGW just makes it more vague.

Another Goddamn Weirdo? Appropriate Gay Whore? Alpine Giraffe Whiskers?

Attenuated Global Warning is what you are supporting.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

Can we stop saying AGW already? People who don't know what you're talking about certainly won't know what you're referring to, and I can never remember what the "A" means.

Just call it Global Warming already, don't be lazy if you think it's really important. It's more important to get the message across than use a vague acronym.

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