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Comment: Re:Wrong type of machine for Dremel (Score 1) 61

by jandrese (#47941839) Attached to: Dremel Releases 3D Printer
I'm a little surprised someone hasn't come out with a machine that does both. You extrude the parts with a regular disposition machine, then it goes back over the model with fine tools to do cleanup and fine detail work. Probably a little too complicated for the industry currently, but it's something I could definitely see in a premium product at some point.

Comment: Re:Must be an american thing ??? (Score 2) 46

by mcgrew (#47935755) Attached to: More unsurprisingly conservative ads on slashdot

You can get your old account back if you can remember what your email address was. Send a note to

I'd lost my account and they were very helpful about it.

As to your surgery, LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR!!! Helping that one person could prevent you from helping others in the future. Oh, and I empathize; I had a vitrectomy in 2008. Not the least bit fun.

Comment: Re:I am guessing they will make a sequel (Score 1) 326

by PhrostyMcByte (#47913069) Attached to: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

They said they wont make changes to Minecraft, so how will they make money?

I've seen kids wearing Minecraft backpacks and shirts, said something like "hey cool! what're you building right now?" only to discover that while they've heard of the game they haven't actually played it.

I suspect these paraphernalia stand to make a lot more money than the game does.

As far as coming out with sequels, I'm not sure how well that would work anyway. Minecraft prides itself on being extremely basic, letting the player provide the creativity. What could a sequel possibly provide that didn't do away with that premise?

Anyway. Worth 2.5 billion? Highly doubtful, especially looking at the lackluster response to anything non-Minecraft they've brought out.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 203

by jandrese (#47904859) Attached to: Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports
I have a 4s that hangs out with my keys in my pocket and the glass looks as good as the day it came from the factory. The thin bevel around the edge however has turned brown and looks like a moonscape. I am seriously impressed by the amount of abuse it has taken without acquiring a single scratch.

Comment: Machine intelligence (Score 1) 7

by mcgrew (#47901717) Attached to: Turing "Test" was Really Alan's Attempt at a Joke

I had an idea that might not be so dangerous and pulled out my fone. âoeComputer,â I said, âoewhat's the best way to knock that bitch out?â
        The fone said âoeParse error, there are no female dogs on board and âknockâ(TM) is not in context. Please rephrase.â
        Who programs these God damned stupid things, anyway? Back when computers were new, science fiction movies had computers that could think. These stupid computers sure can't. God damn it, I was going to have to talk like I went to college... only I ain't went to college, damn it.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Fifty

Journal by mcgrew

John and Destiny left the houseboat parked on a space port pad they had rented at the spaceport at the Meridian Bay dome and got in a cab. Destiny said "I don't want to shop on an empty stomach. Taxi, take us to a restaurant that serves eggs and pork sausage this time of day."
"Wow," John said. "That's going to be an expensive place."
"Well, I'm buying. You said you never tried pork sa

Comment: Re:Cuba could have lifted it ages ago (Score 1) 534

by shutdown -p now (#47887443) Attached to: Cuba Calculates Cost of 54yr US Embargo At $1.1 Trillion

You think the Castro dynasty would give up their communist ideals just because the US lifts the embargo?

Of course not. But you give the right answer immediately.

The truth is that the US has very little to do with Cuba's problems. All the embargo really does to Cuba is give its leaders someone to blame for everything that Cuba is not. A convenient scapegoat for the government.

Exactly. Embargo is a convenient scapegoat - it lets the government to explain away harsh life and crackdowns by an ongoing conflict, "us vs them", "everything for the victory". Remove it, and it makes that much harder for them to maintain that. Long term, it will accelerate the inevitable collapse of the dictatorship and the transition to something saner. If Castros are smart, they will do what Chinese and Vietnamese elites did, and head the transition rather than trying to resist it, so as to reap the maximum benefits. If not, there will be another revolution.

Either way, all that embargo does is delay that process. So it hurts the people of Cuba, not its government.

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