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by UnknowingFool (#48440693) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

If you think that MS changed from Windows 9 to Windows 10 for the likes of Java I think that you're naive. For their own Windows APIs, they might have done it, but not for a competitor. That's the competition's problem. However this is the reason they deprecated the exact API that returns the Marketing Name in favor of one that uses the Kernel number instead. Even then people were coding for minor vs major kernel versions. MS could have bumped it up to Kernel 7.0 and things would still break if coders were careless.

MS has slowly been breaking backwards compatibility since Vista especially with the Windows 9x kernels. At this point how many versions of current Windows programs still run on Win 9x and not newer versions? Considering that it was 20 years old, I would say very few.

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by UnknowingFool (#48436519) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

I doubt most people would fall for Windows 10 vs. OSX 10.7 [insert cat name here].

Well most people (and maybe Apple has a better handle on this) say: OS X [Marketing Name]. Techs use 10.7 and it is in the internals of the OS.

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to tech companies, but I don't think Microsoft's marketing is quite that stupid nor their dev teams quite that stupid.

I don't think the Dev teams have much to say in the marketing name. I'm sure there are internal code names that they use instead (Blackcomb, Longhorn, etc.). Like many things MS, their marketing department has a few major misses: Squirting, Zune, C#, Windows Vista Basic Home Internet Extreme Edition, Xbox One. I think MS tried to emulate Apple's method with Vista but Vista was such a PR problem that they abandoned the practice.

IMO, they probably wanted to bump the kernel number ... and decided to bump it to match the version. Maybe they actually want Windows 10 to use the Windows 10 kernel. Maybe they want OS version and kernel version to actually match/make sense/be in sync, and are using this as a good time to do it (versus the OS patch that was 8.1).

Maybe but in Linux and OS X there's a difference between an internal versioning number and a marketing name. But it's the fault of MS as they created problem when they used a numbering scheme in the Marketing Name. Now they have to match them. In the case of Apple they switched away from big cats but it's not major a change from their previous scheme.

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by UnknowingFool (#48436099) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0
Personally I think it's just an excuse. How many Win 9x programs still exist that would be tripped up by Windows 9? I think it's the Xbox 360 naming scheme again where MS didn't want name their second console Xbox 2 because that would imply there were 1 behind Sony's Playstation.So they picked 360. But then again they picked the name Xbox One for some stupid reason.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48434371) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Robot Security Guards

However the problem is that it can presumably notify security that you've done that. Given that they'll have full video of it, and know where the unit was, the chances of you getting caught are pretty high.

These aren't the kind of thing that would work well on their own out in the middle of nowhere but on a campus like MS's with human backup I imagine they are pretty effective. Rolling security cameras basically.

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PC is the best then PS4 then Xbox One. I guess hardware does matter when it comes to gaming. Anyone else not surprised? As for Xbox, it looks like they will be behind until the next generation unless they update the hardware. The ESRAM buffer does not seem to be making up the gap as they hoped it would.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48398341) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

The generic MS drivers know how to see if the drive supports TRIM and send the commands if it does. That's the point of TRIM: It is an ATA standard command, so special software isn't needed.

In fact, in Windows all you use is the generic drivers. I mean you may install drivers for your SATA controller, but not for your drive. My laptop has a Samsung 840 Pro in it, with Samsung's Magician installed. However the drivers in use are disk.sys, partmgr.sys (both Microsoft files) and iastorf.sys (Intel's file). No Samsung provided drivers. Magician can directly send commands to optimize the drive if needed if the OS can't, but the OS sends TRIM commands no problem.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48395745) Attached to: Alleged Satellite Photo Says Ukraine Shootdown of MH17

Or perhaps more likely "pro Russian shill" next time, spend a little more time doing research before you put together your bullshit theory. See you seem to have missed one little detail: This came from Russian TV. This isn't something that surfaced in the US, purporting to be originally from Russia, it was on Russian national television.

So, maybe think your bullshit conspiracy through next time,a nd make sure you know the sequence of events.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48395589) Attached to: US DOE Sets Sights On 300 Petaflop Supercomputer

I hate this attitude that if you don't have the top spot, you are crap. It is so silly the attitude that the US somehow lost something by not having the first spot on the top 500 list.

I mean for one thing, the Chinese computer is more specialized than the big US supercomputers. It gets its performance using Intel Xeon Phi GPGPU type processors. Nothing wrong with hat but they are vector processors hanging off the PCIe bus. They work a lot like graphics cards. There are problems that they are very fast at, linpack (which is what's used to test) being one, but others they are not as fast at. Many of the US supercomputers (like BlueGene/Q) use just standard CPUs, meaning their performance holds steady over more kinds of tasks.

Then there's the fact that while the US might not have the #1 spot they have the #2, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10 spots. In other words, half of the top 10 computers. That is more impressive than having one really big system. Ya it's nice to have a huge system and some simulations need really big systems to do, but there's something to be said for lots of different research groups having access to high power computers.

Also there's the fact that linkpack isn't necessarily the best benchmark.

I'm happy that the US is looking to invest more in HPC because money spent on research is always well spent in my opinion. However let's stop pretending like it is some major failure that the US doesn't have the #1 computer. Big deal.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48394223) Attached to: Alleged Satellite Photo Says Ukraine Shootdown of MH17

I've seen the same kind of thing. I know a lady who's from Serbia. Very smart woman, and she's lived in the US for a couple decades, immigrated and become a citizen. However, when it comes to world news, she believes the Serbian media over all others. It's pretty bad too, it makes Fox News look credible (well almost) with the level of propaganda and shit. However, to her, that's the truth.

It seems a somewhat common thing that whatever you start getting your news from first is what sticks with you as the "true" news if there's disagreement later.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48393837) Attached to: Former Police Officer Indicted For Teaching How To Pass a Polygraph Test

Geeks have real issues with the concepts of knowledge and intent mattering in the law. They think something is either ok, or not ok, and if it is ok it is ok in all situations. Of course that's not how the law work. Intent in particular matters a hell of a lot. Something can be illegal or legal just based off of intent, or can be a different level of crime. Likewise if you know you are helping someone commit a crime, that can get you in trouble whereas doing the same thing unknowingly can be fine.

It is complex, because it varies, there are crimes that don't require intent, or crimes where even doing it unknowingly will get you in trouble, but there are others that are not. It is complex with various shades of gray, which I guess is why geeks can't understand it. Many seem to be very binary thinkers and want absolutes in rules, which the law frequently doesn't have.

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