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by Kittenman (#47528211) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

1) Something might go wrong

That's a pretty weak excuse. Something might go wrong while wearing glasses to. Maybe you'll get hit by a buss on the way to get new glasses. Oh MY!

FYI: there has never been a case of blindness from LASIK.

I had a my eyes done by a new process, and it all goes fine but sometimes hegfedufghfkki jjfhfjruubn nhiifiueeutr877u and then it comes back again, mostly. The important thing is ,mdskkpvppop jfvjvj kfjjr8868i ,ll. If that happen's then you're REALLY in trouble. Just remember that, if nothing else.

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by Kittenman (#47504681) Attached to: NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong

The real name of the building is M7-0355. This is most likely just going to involve a little sign in the lobby.

We've a 'Jean Batten Airport' down here in NZ. People still call it Auckland Airport.

(Who was Jean Batten? She invented the leather strap used on ships to secure loads: hence "batten down the hatches". Not sure why they named an airrport after her)

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by Kittenman (#47497347) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45
Finished this book recently: writer catches up with the living 'moonwalkers'. At that time, there were nine. We've lost Neil Armstrong since then (anyone have a website that gives current state of the NASA astronauts? Or the Soviet Cosmonauts?)

Anyhow - author (Andrew Smith) states that it's as if a decade of the 21st century had been dropped in to the 20th century. Good comment, I thought.

+ - Archie Andrews to die->

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Kittenman (971447) writes "With the net already awash with comments about Thor's sex-change, another revelation: Archie Andrews is scheduled to die in the very near future. Rolling Stone (and other sources) cover the comic characters upcoming demise. What will Veronica and Betty do? Will this cause a resurgence in Archie (and Jughead's) single, "Sugar Sugar"? Stay tuned."
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Kittenman (971447) writes "The BBC is carrying information on a type of contraception (funded in part by Bill Gates) that takes the form of a microchip, inserted under the skin. The chip releases contraceptive hormones to the body until wirelessly advised not to do so, This 'Brave New World' has several interesting applications and issues associated with it. What about hackers? Could 'they' implant a chip into a child at birth and then suppress children being born, until the employment opportunities improve — or a war needs more troops? The chip will be available from 2018. This correspondent will watch the issues with interest."
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This is the first step in phasing out pilots altogether and replacing us with computer programs.

Interesting thought, and I'm sure you're right. We're getting driverless cars, I guess pilotless planes are coming. We already have drones (pilotless attack aircraft), unmanned rockets, unmanned planetary rovers... I'm pretty sure there's unmanned sea vessels (anyone?) out there somewhere.

But a serious question. Is a plane safer or less safe with pilots? (Yes, I know that pilots can save the day sometimes. Other times they cause the crash. MH370 may yet be shown to be pilot suicide).

Once we know the answer to that question, we can follow the odds. Have a remote pilot able to 'log in' when something nasty happens, maybe.

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by Kittenman (#47404305) Attached to: On 4th of July:
I was watching a firework display with wife and two-year-old daughter (I held latter in my arms for view) at a fireworks party run by a friend, some years ago. The rockets were carefully placed, ready to go up, lit - then fell over and came straight for us. We ducked, dived, covered the youngster - I got some bruises, wife got a burnt pair of pants and daughter (and us) all got a helluva scare.

I've seen professional show since, no more amateur ones. Booze and fireworks, and the casual attitude don't mix.

As for July 4 - hope it all went well for the USAns amongst us. Go 'Murica! Hope y'all had a great night, illuminating, watching or just chilling.

Comment: Dropping Coconuts shark bites (Score 1) 55

I heard that more people get killed by having a coconut fall on their head, than from shark attack. Anything we can do to alleviate that menace? It's obviously more of a danger than shark attack.

Source (dubious, but so is the shark number... )

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I worked in the UK in the late 90s for a multinational. The company sent me to Philadelphia for an interview. Offer included two weeks holiday a year. I asked the recruiter why this was so low (in the UK it was four) - she replied that the folks there really loved to work.


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That's a good point. I think everyone being sold on Perl 6 fixing Perl 5's issues and then ... not ... left us all with the impression that Perl 5 has issues that would never be fixed, to which we all reacted as one would expect and abandoned it for something else nice and shiny. With their own problems that will never be fixed.

I'm waiting for the Perl 7 release. Then I can really talk about the string of Perls.

(Honestly, it just popped into my head)

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I've done my time ... used to work 7 to 5 or so, on call in the evenings and at weekends. That's fine (sort of) when you get paid for it, but I found (and still find) that management come to expect it. And resent it when you don't work the 60-hour week that they want you to, without pay.

So ... I now work a standard day, take some calls and have the occasional late night. Still new at this job, so we'll see how it goes. Trick is not to get manager's expectations too high :)

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See, this is the thing. We let you on the last Internet we built, the one we started with 110 baud modems, and you messed it up.

So we already built a new Internet 2. It's here, it runs on 100 GB/s ports with 40 GB/s campuswide at all the top research universities.

And we're not letting you on it.

Now you can keep your spam and we'll go solve the mysteries of the universe while you post hate speech at each other over meaningless twaddle.

Pshaw. Call that an internet? Here on Internet 3 we have 10 Tb/s ports and 600 Gb/s installation-wide. And we get a headache when we have to think down to your level.

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