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Comment: Re:Everything. (Score 1) 2

by Kirys (#41351243) Attached to: What should I include into the SCM of an OS project?

Actually there is a "libs" directory that contains only external libs while all the other files are in other locations, i could also add a readme file in that location to explain that.
What about the licensing issues?
What about the css/and graphics files (like the ones of JQueryUI) that could need "modding" for having a consistent graphics style?


+ - Aliyun OS app store distributing pirated apps including Google apps for Android->

Submitted by dell623
dell623 (2021586) writes "In a Google+ post explaining how Aliyun OS is under no obligation to be compatible with Android but cannot expect OHA members like Acer to work with them, Andy Rubin alleged that the official Aliyun app store is distributing pirated Google apps for Android. Android Police did some further research and found pirated Google apps like Google drive listed, as well as other pirated Android apps made available for download without permission from developers."
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Open Source

+ - What should I include into the SCM of an OS project? 2

Submitted by
Kirys writes "I'm working on a small java project that I want to release under an OSI license (I think apache 2.0) .
In this project I use many open source libraries and I want to make sure that anyone that get the code can compile it with little effort using the correct version of the libraries.
For the java part I'm using maven so the libraries get downloaded automatically, the real issue are the Javascript files (and related css) that I use for the web ui (JQuery and many 3rd party plugins), should/can I include them into the public SCM?
I cannot direct link those files on an external web based source like the google CDN cause even if the tool is web based it is a management console and it could not have direct internet connection.
What do you suggest?"
Open Source

+ - X11 Window System Turns 25 Years Old->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The widely used X11 Window System has turned 25 years old today. Version 11 of the X Window System is likely to remain in use for many years to come for backwards compatibility with the many legacy applications, BSD/Solaris systems, and Enterprise Linux distributions. Meanwhile, Wayland is still working to unseat the X Server for the common Linux desktop."
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+ - People Shown a Fake iPhone 5 Claim it's "Way Better"->

Submitted by
phonewebcam writes "Oops! "The Jimmy Kimmel Live show took to the street with an iPhone 4S, but told people it was an iPhone 5 to get their opinions. We don’t know how many thought it was worse, but as you can see from the video plenty of people fell for it and started talking about how much better it was. One guy who even claimed he has a 4S went on and on about how much better the new iPhone 5 was.""
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The Internet

+ - Europe Rationing Last IPv4 Address Block->

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Techmeology writes "As IPv4 exhaustion draws ever nearer, European ISPs are now unable to acquire more than a handful (1024) of new IPv4 addresses. The measures are being brought in to ration the last /8 available to RIPE NCC, with 400,000 address previously being allocated every day. In addition to the limit, organizations applying for IPv4 addresses will be required to demonstrate that they are deploying IPv6."
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Comment: Re:Palm recognition (Score 1) 214

by Kirys (#34092616) Attached to: 8pen Reinvents the Keyboard For Mobile Devices

I loved Graffiti too on my Palm m512, I Was really sad when palm lost against lexmark and removed graffiti for the same input system of symbian.
Anyway, I've just searched and there is a graffiti port for android. But I just feel strange using the finger instead of a pen (maybe it's time to buy a capacitive pen).

Comment: Durability (Score 1) 329

by Kirys (#29456141) Attached to: Student Designs Cardboard Computer Case

What about Humidity, dirt, paper-eating bugs etc...
Aluminum and steel are already easily recyclable enough and are highly durable, I used my old steel AT case for 8 years till the ATX era and I think my current steel ATX case will last at least for the same time ;)
No cardboard box can last the same ;)

I do believe that cardboard could be a good replacement for plastic and metal in all situations where you don't need durability (I've seen cardboard chairs at a festival), but I want my pc to last ;)

Comment: What does "good graphics" mean? (Score 2, Interesting) 506

by Kirys (#28633811) Attached to: What's the Importance of Graphics In Video Games?

I think that plot and good gameplay is much more important that graphics in the kind of games I do like, but this is not true in any kind of games.
IMHO Gameplay come always first, a game must be fun to play, then came the rest in an order depending on the game kind, as an example an online fps doesn't really need a plot.

Anyway it is also difficult to describe what "good graphics" means.
Saying that "good graphics" means high-resolution and photo realism is like saying that a photo is better that a painting.
It's not a matter of pixel, is something more complex, it's a form art, you have to choose your canvas, and you have to use it well.
An example is Okami (wii and original ps2 version), its low-resolution/low definition graphics to me is the most beautiful eye experience I had from a videogame. The plot and the game-play are just as beautiful, so to me is one of the best game ever.

Anyway It's a matter of taste ;)

Comment: Know what it is to know how will fail. (Score 1) 357

by Kirys (#27534593) Attached to: How Does Flash Media Fail?

Well is difficult to explain what a flash memory is (but there is a detailed explanation on wikipedia To make a long thing short (and very approximative), a flash memory is a sort of "unconnected capacitor" (floating gate) the charge is changed using a quantum physics effects (not only), and is read due to the "interference" of the charge of this "capacitor" with a "nearby" transistor gate.
So the first thing you have to know is that the data on a new flash memory stays for a long time (10 years at least), but not forever, cause the capacitor discharge due to natural loss of carge.
Due to disk writing (changing the value of a cell) the charge is loss faster and faster so there will be a day that the charge of a cell will be completely loss after just a few hours or less.
The effect you may see depend mostly on the cell type (SLC or MLC) and cell allocation algorithm, but the first thing you'll see is random data corruption of recently updated datas; but, due to the cell allocation algorithms, faulty cells will be eventually assigned to updated fat data and the damage will propagate fast.
My sugestion is: replace a flash memory at the first signs of data corruption.

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