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Comment: cell phones and notepads (Score 4, Interesting) 369

by goombah99 (#48272435) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

Analogously, cell phones are a throwback to old crank phones because you have to charge them before you use them. We used to have perfectly good powered land lines. Cell phones with their short battery lives and constant attention are for eclectic hobbyists I'm sure.

And don't get me started about notepads when a paper and pencil pad can store your information for a century or more with no format changes impairing data retreival. current ipads are the equivalent of undecipherable babelonian cuniform clay tablets. Ludicrous anyone would want to go back to such fragile formats for information storage

Comment: Lose Dark matter with this one weird trick (Score 4, Insightful) 93

by goombah99 (#48222597) Attached to: Decades-old Scientific Paper May Hold Clues To Dark Matter

This story seems like click bait the way it just leaves it as a cliffhanger. so you bombarded an aluminum plate and .... a superhero aluminum man emerged? what what?.... how did this submission get promoted to a front page story? I'm surprised it did not end with "your jaw will drop when you see what happened next".

Comment: why not Transportation? (Score 2) 164

by goombah99 (#48214309) Attached to: Proposed Penalty For UK Hackers Who "Damage National Security": Life

IN old england, the prisons became so over crowded they started using the rotting hulks of navy ships as prisons and as that became full they resorted to "transportation" which basically meant you get a one way ticket to help settle australia. (see book "the Fatal Shore"). Now that mars transport is about to approach feasibility ans Elon Musk says we need vast numbers of people for sustainable living I'm shocked the UK govt isn't sentencing these hackers to Transportation.

Comment: Stock market gambling (Score 1) 59

by goombah99 (#48181653) Attached to: Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling

Investing in the stock market, is generally betting in a situation where there is a net win. That is, most of the time, even bad investments don't lose money in the long run, they just don't win as much as you could have one, or they have greater fluctuations than a portfolio with an equivalent return.

Day trading is however very addictivive. even people who only trade weekly will still check their stocks many times a day. As the problem goes on, penny stocks become a big lure as they have higher fluctuations giving one chances to Win big (a great feeling compared to inexorable index funds slow creep).

So does one have to be a masochist to be addicted to gambling? apparently not.

Even index funds are somewhat crazy. Right now the SP 500 trades at high price to earnings multiples even in stocks are unlikely to achieve earnings that can match that price. It's a combination of the greater fool theory along with the unusual condition that there's few "safe" places to put money right now. There's too few shares of stock in health companies (due to the slow economic growth) being chased by too many dollars. As long as the chase continues then it's "safe". But long term enormous growth is required to match those P/E multiples. Google and Amazon have essentially no earnings.

Comment: how does this work at all? (Score 3, Interesting) 79

by goombah99 (#48141063) Attached to: Navy Tests Unpowered Exoskeleton

How does this work. They show a guy with a grinder mvong it around on a wall up near his head. Now how did he get into that position and how is he able to move the grinder around. If all the joints are loose then they offer no support. If they are tight then he can't move. And if he selectively locks the myriad number of joind it will be a confusing puzzle to get the the right set locked to support weight along some axis but not others. Does this mean all grinding must be back and forth and not up and down? if you are grinding along a verical edge how do you avoid repeately lifting this.You would be lifting both the weight of the grinder and the weight of the fortis frame every time.

the frame looks heavy including a cantaleivered weight in the back. SO it seems like its adding a lot of weight. How does it manage to carry it's own weight as you move. Or are you repeately lifting this when you bend over or walk somewhere.?

very puzzling how this works

Comment: like the iwatch (Score 2) 100

LOL Microsoft developed an analog keyboard. OR they just remembered how their palm pilots worked and ported it to android..

my thought exactly, and then I recall how blackberry took a big chunk of the pda market from palm. perhaps the smaller form factor will make it compelling again.

on the otherhand apple watch already demoed transmitting drawn shapes on their watch presumably for the same rationale of input to a small form factor.

Comment: ram jets (Score 1) 403

by goombah99 (#48092877) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency Numbers Overstate MPG More For Cars With Small Engines

For what it's worth, the physical interpretation of this would be that a car with a fuel economy of a given area would be able to drive without needing on-board fuel storage if it were following a trail of fuel with that cross sectional area.

which would make it the ideal measure for something like a ram jet.

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