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+ - Exemptions to DMCA announced->

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Kirijini writes: "The US Copyright office has announced new six exemptions to the DMCA's anticircumvention rule. A regulation to be issued on Tuesday, July 27th will make it legal to circumvent DRM for noninfringing purposes in certain situations. Notably, the exemption would allow jailbreaking and switching wireless carriers; it would also allow breaking DVD encryption for some fair use situations. The exemptions the result of a review the Copyright Office is required to undertake every three years; the exemptions will last until at least the next three year review. The Librarian of Congress has also issued a statement explaining the review and exemption process.

The six announced exemptions are 1) making copies of DVD video for educational, documentary, and noncommercial uses; 2) interoperability of applications on mobile phones (i.e., jailbreaking); 3) interoperability of mobile phones on different wireless networks; 4) testing security vulnerabilities in video games; 5) bypassing hardware dongles when the dongle is broken or obsolete, and no replacement is available; and 6) to enable "read-aloud" functions and specialized formatting of ebooks."

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+ - Podcast reenacts Bilski oral arguments

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Kirijini writes: "The Intellectual Property Colloquium podcast just put up its latest episode — a reading of the Supreme Court oral arguments for Bilski v. Kappos (also known as In re Bilski in the Federal Circuit). Bilski is the most important patent case in years, and based on the Justices' questioning during oral argument, it seems likely that the eventual decision will overturn business method patents. A broad ruling by the court may even overturn software patents. If audio isn't to your liking, a written version of the transcript can be found here (PDF warning)."

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