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Comment Re:Fascinating... (Score 2) 143

Looks like it uses a gas stream as a laser waveguide... Perhaps a noble gas, like Argon. That would account why there appears to be a force upon the melted debris.

if you listen to the narrator he says exactly what the "gas stream" is. Air. Its just blowing air out to move the slag out of the way.

Comment Re:price vs. taste (Score 1) 134

I havn't tried Duplin's, but I've found the wines from Hinnant Family Vineyard are amazingly delicious. They're over in Pine Level, just off 70 or 95, depending on where you're coming from. They have a great selection, and a bar set up for tasting their selections before you choose a bottle. Or two. or three.

Comment Re:subtle move by the anti-war crowd (Score 1) 228

500mb less baseline ram footprint is a huge difference, I don't know what kind of drugs you're on. And, while the metro UI is pointless, its no where near as hindering as you say. in some ways its more functional than the old start menu, though I prefer the old start menu due to 19 years of working with it.

Comment Re:subtle move by the anti-war crowd (Score 1) 228

or they could have the same thing that most people who use windows 8 seriously use. A simple program that removes the metro interface and gives back the old start menu, making Windows 8 sleeker than windows 7, with a smaller memory footprint, and overall a much better OS.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 130

I don't mean to sound callous, but for the most part, keeping people alive as an ER nurse isn't advancing humanity as a whole. Yes, your grandmother was a great person for doing it. But in the grand scheme of things, unless she saved the life of someone "important", she had no lasting mark on humanity, and you say yourself that she wasn't that important "(county hospital in rural area)", aka somewhere where she did a lot of good for people, but not a lot of good for humanity. Not to say that her job isn't important to people, but its not important to humanity as a whole except in a few off cases.

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