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Comment: NPC village mod (trade, quests, building...) (Score 3, Interesting) 87

by Kinniken (#37901240) Attached to: <em>Minecraft</em> Wins Gaming Arts Award
Shameless Minecraft-related plug: I'm the author of Millénaire, a Minecraft mod that ads NPC villages of multiple cultures that collect resources, extend their villages, trade with the player, and since recently give quests to the player. Have a look, it gives new aims to Minecraft.

Comment: For those wanting NPC villages - try Millénai (Score 2) 113

by Kinniken (#37230734) Attached to: Notch Shows <em>Minecraft</em> Adventure Update
A little blatant self-publicity there, but at least it's very much on-topic: the Millénaire mod ( already includes NPC villages for Minecraft, with NPCs that expend their villages, trade with the player, have children who get new jobs, produce new types of food and items, etc. They have a wide range of possible buildings too, and players can easily add their own plans to the mod. NPCs currently to either medieval Norman or medieval (Asian) Indian cultures.

Comment: Re:Not impressive (Score 1) 113

by Kinniken (#37230678) Attached to: Notch Shows <em>Minecraft</em> Adventure Update
That village was decent-looking, but no villagers? I suspect whatever villagers he has time to make before release will be very passive. Certainly far from those of the Millénaire mod (, that expend their village, improve buildings, have children that grow up into various kinds of adults, trade with the player, etc.

Comment: What an horrible idea (Score 1) 436

by Kinniken (#12678907) Attached to: Steering Wheel Checks Alcohol Consumption
> If I had to go to jail when my kid killed someone under the influence, I would have had one kid instead of five, and spent more time on that one kid. If I can't afford the time, maybe I am not qualified to have kids at all?

I'm all for parents trying to educate their children correctly, but that's a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one: parents becoming hyper-protective by fear of prison, severely damaging the children' capacity to lead normal lives and probably leading to extreme behaviour in reaction by a fair number of them. No thanks.

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