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+ - Microsoft releases the cord on Bungie?->

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King_TJ writes "A blogger claims he has an inside source at Microsoft, who was released from NDA today, and can now leak the fact that Microsoft is going to let go of Bungie, so they can operate as an independent game producer again. (Supposedly, Bungie's team has been unhappy that they're basically assigned to do little more than crank out Halo revisions for Microsoft — instead of being free to work on other projects.)"
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+ - VMWare Fusion for OS X enters private beta!

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King_TJ writes "VMWare is finally releasing a beta of "Fusion", a competitor to the Parallels VM software for Intel-based Macs. Most notably, Fusion supports assignment of multiple processor cores to a single virtual machine, and will supposedly provide support for Apple's iSight cameras, wireless remotes, and more to the VMs. ns-private-beta/"

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